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There’s more to Home Connect than meets the eye. News from the world of smart appliances, useful tips for household management and lots of inspiration to make your life easier every day – it’s just a small sample of what the app has to offer.

Your home running smoothly – on your watch

The time when home chores could tie you down at home is over. With the advent of smartwatches – and the integration of Home Connect into the most popular smartwatch platforms – managing your home on the go is now easier than ever.

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Home Connect coffee break at the push of a button

Now, thanks to the further integration with Home Connect, you can use LaMetric TIME to control your coffee maker from the comfort of yourdesk, couch or wherever you might want to set up your home office – for a better work life balance.

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Clever control of your indoor air quality

Thanks to the Home Connect collaboration with cair, you can control your indoor air quality. The smart air quality device is packed with sensors that gather information about the quality of the air in your home.

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