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Imagine waking up in the morning to atmospheric music – without having to get up or switch on a device. Your favourite coffee is already waiting for you in the kitchen and your washing machine has automatically switched itself on. Let your imagination run wild: Create scenarios and automated processes which can be integrated into your everyday life and which make it easy and enjoyable.


Create your own applications. With unlimited freedom and endless possibilities for automating your home.

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Organise your home at the press of a button. With a smart button which you can use anywhere you like – even in the shower.

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Home Connect works with LaMetric

It can tell the time – and a lot more

Thanks to Home Connect’s collaboration with LaMetric, you can receive notifications from your home appliances directly in a smart clock. LaMetric TIME has a vibrant LED pixel screen that can present a great variety of different messages. Large characters displayed on the clock’s face are both stylish and highly visible – which means you’ll never miss out on any important information regarding your household.

A LaMetric clock which displays the coffe icon is upfront on the counter, in the background there is a Siemens coffee maschine with two cappuccinos.

A clock that saves your time

Feeling like a coffee break? With LaMetric TIME, there’s no need to get up – it’s just a push of the button to get your favourite brew. Thanks to the integration of Home Connect remote control capabilities, LaMetric may not only tell you the time – but also help you save it!

Your home working like a clockwork

LaMetric TIME works with all types of appliances with Home Connect – from oven and hob, through a washing machine, fridge, and coffee maker, to the Roxxter. Would you like to know how much time is left until your washer is finished? Or maybe you’d appreciate it if a coffee machine could tell you it is out of beans? One glance at your smart clock and you’re up to date on all the chores at hand. You already have LaMetric TIME and want to get started?


Home Connect Nuwave
Home Connect: Cair controls your indoor air quality

Cair controls your indoor air quality

Thanks to Home Connect´s collaboration with cair, you can control your indoor air quality. The smart air quality sensor is packed with sensors that gather information about the quality of the air in your home.

Using the app you can easily keep track of and manage the air quality in your home environment. We spend 90% of our time indoors and poor indoor air quality can trigger many health issues.

We take cair of you – the cooker hood improves your indoor air quality

Working together, cair monitors the air in your home and the Home Connect cooker hood improves the air quality.

When the pollen concentration is too high, let cair turn on your cooker hood automatically to reduce the pollen concentration in your home. Thanks to the CleanAir Plus filter (for recirculation mode) with a special anti pollen function over 99% of pollen is filtered and allergens are deactivated. It also removes more than 90% of odours.

EVE Connect

Feel at ease, even when you're not home.

You exit your drive and your garage door automatically closes, the external doors of your Smart Home lock and the lights go out. Simplify your day-to-day life and make it not only safer, but also efficient and smart – adapted to your needs – and all from the convenience of your car.

Everything under control at the tap of a finger

Manage your home from your car – from wherever you may be. With EVEConnect, you can create automated processes, manage your home appliances and monitor your home. You can easily select and start actions to be carried out via your Tesla dashboard, for example. What are you waiting for? Optimise your day-to-day life at the tap of a finger.

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