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Cair app with Home Connect
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Monitor your indoor air quality with the cair sensor and improve it with your Home Connect cooker hood.

Thanks to the Home Connect collaboration with cair, you can control your indoor air quality. The smart air quality device is packed with sensors that gather information about the quality of the air in your home.

Using the app you can easily keep track of and manage the air quality in your home environment. We spend 90% of our time indoors and poor indoor air quality can trigger many health issues.

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The cooker hood improves your indoor air quality. Working together, cair monitors the air in your home and the Home Connect cooker hood improves the air quality. When the pollen or odour concentration is too high, let cair turn on your cooker hood automatically to reduce the pollen concentration and smells in your home. Thanks to the Clean Air Plus filter (for recirculation mode) with a special anti pollen function over 99% of pollen is filtered and allergens are deactivated. It also removes more than 90% of odours.

Learn more about cair and the Home Connect cooker hood work together. Here a video.

How do I use it?

Once you have set up your cair and your Home Connect cooker hood you can then pair the devices within the cair app. By default cair and the cooker hood will work together, turning on whenever air quality becomes poor. But you can also turn the cooker hood on and off manually from the app as well as modify sensitivity settings and manage night mode and away mode setting for when you aren't at home.

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