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When the aromas of a hearty roast or fish dish, a creamy sauce or melted butter hang in the air, the scents from the kitchen can make your mouth water. But when the meal is over, we want fresh air in the kitchen.

Extractor hoods filter water vapour and cooking odours out of the air even during the cooking process. Smart extractor hoods with the Home Connect function go a step further.

How Home Connect works with the intelligent extractor hood

Rather than you determining the power level of your extractor hood, it is set on the basis of the hob's activity. The more intensively the steam or odour rises from the pots and pans, the harder your extractor hood works, while still staying quiet and energy-efficient in the process. Once cooking is over, the hood shuts off automatically after a short time.

But you can also take over control of your extractor hood with your smartphone or tablet using the Home Connect app. Whether it's air recirculation, fan level, sensitivity, or the shut-off delay, you have everything under control.

The app lets you know as soon as the grease filter or activated carbon filter needs cleaning, changing, or regenerating, which ensures that the perfect extraction power is maintained.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at the possibilities that the Home Connect extractor hood has to offer.

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With Home Connect, your vision remains clear when you're cooking

In your smart kitchen, the hob and the extractor hood communicate with each other during the cooking process via a WiFi module. If you activate at least one hotplate, the extractor hood switches itself on – and switches itself back off again once you've finished cooking.

You can use the Home Connect app to control the extractor hood yourself or to change the settings: Fan level, sensitivity, extractor power/level, air recirculation, or shut-off delay.

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Cook up the right mood with Home Connect

Dim lighting, soft music – why not while cooking? It makes preparing food even more enjoyable. Create your own personal feel-good ambience: You can use the Home Connect app to control the lighting of selected extractor hoods. Just choose your preferred colour and light intensity to set the mood you want. – If you so desire, for the illumination of your dishwasher, too.

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Get reminders to change the activated carbon filter

When the filter of your extractor hood is saturated, the Home Connect app will tell you so. Metal grease filters, on the other hand, are required for exhaust and recirculation hoods in order to remove grease and other particulates out of the air. Your app will remind you when it's time to clean it so that it remains efficient.

The Home Connect app contains tips and instructions for changing the filter as well as a link to the online shop of the manufacturer.

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More ideas for your smart kitchen

Cleverly combined with IFTTT

With the app IFTTT, you can connect your extractor hood with your other smart appliances – in precisely the way you want.


Connect your appliance with the app

You can connect your smart extractor hood with the Home Connect app really easily and get started straight away. In the pairing finder, we show you how to do this.

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"The NEFF extractor hood ensures fresh air and creates an ambience that's perfect for the mood and the menu."

Fresh air at all times with the Home Connect app

With the intelligent extractor hood with the Home Connect function, unpleasant odours from cooking never have a chance to form, as they are already filtered out of the air while the food simmers.

In the Home Connect app, you can set the exhaust level of your extractor hood to suit the cooking process. The hood detects how much power it has to use based on water vapour and odour formation.

Using the app, your Home Connect extractor hood from Bosch or another home appliance brand can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

In addition, the app contains lots of tips on how to get the most from your cooking appliances, while keeping you in full control of the settings.

The app is intuitive to use and your dashboard is designed to be simple.

Use the demo appliances right now to see how you can control appliances with the Home Connect app – even if you haven't yet connected an appliance up to Home Connect.

Function in the Home Connect app

Discover the Home Connect app and test the demo appliances

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Frequently asked questions

What can a smart extractor hood do?

A smart extractor hood that is equipped with the Home Connection function interacts with the hob via a WiFi module. It then automatically adjusts its power to the rising steam.

In addition, the Home Connect app lets you check the status and saturation of the filter. The extractor hood can only work flawlessly with a clean activated carbon or metal grease filter.

Can I retrofit my own extractor hood?

Retrofitting is possible but not recommended. A solution installed later on is relatively expensive and often does not include the same features as a solution that is integrated from the start. The Home Connect appliances are tailored to each other and networked via the app. You must therefore check carefully before exchanging or adding electronics.

What technology is necessary to use the Home Connect app?

Home Connect only works with smart ovens from Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, and NEFF that are designed for this function. In the Smart Home Appliances area, you can find out which home appliance types work with Home Connect.

The Home Connect app can be used on smartphones and tablets and requires a WiFi connection for the one-time pairing of your home appliances ( see the pairing finder ). Otherwise, you can operate the app from your mobile network, too. Your home appliances can also be controlled from multiple smart devices.

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