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Home Connect lets you easily control your smart home appliances. And not just when you're at home, when you're out and about too. Find out here how you can make your home safer, more energy-efficient and smarter with Home Connect, saving you time and enhancing your quality of life.

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Efficient energy management

Smart washing machines and dryers with the Home Connect function are designed from the start to save on energy and water. They boast programmes such as ActiveWater Plus, which lowers water and electricity consumption. You can also save on washing detergent thanks to the intelligent dosing system i-Dos.

To save even more on electricity, you can use the FlexStart function in the Home Connect app for your washing machine and dryer. Your home appliances then work when electricity is at its cheapest. If you also have an EEBUS-based energy management system, your washing machine and dryer will start up when your solar system starts to generate electricity.

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Test out the demo appliances in the app even if you have not yet connected up a home appliance to Home Connect.

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Home Connect is compatible with lots of applications and services. For you, this means more choice and more ideas. Thanks to numerous possible combinations, you can repeatedly redesign your home and use additional functions.

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Do you have any questions about Home Connect issues? In our support area, you'll find help with the setup and functions of home appliances with Home Connect as well as help with partner services.

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