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Fresh laundry makes you feel better in your own skin and in your own home. The right washing programme guarantees deep-cleaned, cared-for textiles. Washing machines with the Home Connect function take on responsibility for selecting the ideal programme and save on water and electricity.

How a smart washing machine with Home Connect works

Sensors in your smart washing machine detect the textile type and degree of dirtiness and set the washing programme accordingly.

With a Home Connect washing machine from Bosch or another home appliance brand, as well as getting a grip on cleanliness, you'll be able to wash your laundry flexibly whenever you want. Do you need your washing to be ready at a specific time? No problem! Simply start your intelligent washing machine using the Home Connect app at the time that suits you best.

You can also trigger special stain programmes with your smartphone or tablet. Additional control tips in the app ensure an environmentally friendly washing cycle with a consistently fresh result.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at the possibilities that a Home Connect washing machine has to offer.

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Get your washing done precisely when you want it

With the Bosch washing machine with Home Connect, you can do your washing on the side at the ideal time for you – even while out and about via the Home Connect app. You'll receive a notification once the programme has finished.

The new generation of WiFi-enabled Bosch washing machines can also be networked with a Bosch dryer so that the washer and dryer programmes can be perfectly tailored to each other. This means that you save on both time and energy.

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Find your ideal washing programme

Washing can be really easy if you depend on the EasyStart assistant. It always finds the ideal washing programme for your items of clothing. You simply enter the colour, material, and dirtiness of your clothes using the Home Connect app and the app chooses the perfect washing programme. You start your smart Bosch washing machine in the usual way via the app. You can then use the app to keep an eye on the washing process.

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Even stains on collars are not safe

Your Smart Home washing machine will also send stubborn stains packing. The Home Connect app offers 16 additional settings for effortlessly removing stains from your textiles.

It doesn't matter if your children come home with their shirts and trousers smeared with chocolate or grass stains: The stains programme will select a cleaning cycle that's perfect for the stain in question.

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Tips for added efficiency and cleanliness

Save on water and energy: If you have an EEBUS-based energy management system, your smart washing machine will start up automatically when electricity is at its cheapest or when your solar system starts to generate electricity.

With an i-DOS washing machine, you contribute further to protecting resources: It determines how much detergent and fabric softener is required to get a perfectly clean result.

In addition, the Home Connect app tells you when your washing powder's running low.

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Smart: Your energy management

With smart energy management, you use your own electricity for your household – automatically and at precisely those times when your solar system is producing energy.

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Cleverly combined with IFTTT

With the app IFTTT, you can connect your washing machine with your other smart appliances – in precisely the way you want.


Connect your appliance with the app

You can connect your smart washing machine with the Home Connect app really easily and get started straight away. In the pairing finder, we show you how to do this.

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"From now on, my washing's ready when I get home: I simply start the washing machine while I'm travelling."

Controlling your Home Connect washing machine with the app

Were you supposed to be doing your washing today? But you have plans with friends this evening? No time between finishing work and going out? No problem! Home Connect will sort it. Simply send a start command to your smart washing machine via the Home Connect app while you're still at the office. Your washing will be ready and waiting when you get home.

You can use the app to control your WiFi-enabled washing machine with your smartphone and tablet. You can find the most efficient washing programme for your needs using the app and can arrange to be notified well in advance when you need to buy more detergent.

The app is intuitive to operate and the user interface is designed to be simple. You can adapt it to your needs at any time.

Use the demo appliances right now to see how you can control appliances with the Home Connect app – even if you haven't yet connected an appliance up to Home Connect.

Using the Home Connect app

Discover the Home Connect app and test the demo appliances.

Learn more about the Home Connect app


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Analysis and service via remote diagnostics

Do you need an engineer because your smart washing machine isn't working as well as usual? Just call the Home Connect hotline and you will be connected directly to customer service.

With your permission, the customer service representative can access your washing machine online and start remote diagnostics. Normally, the error message can be retrieved and the problem solved in this way. If an engineer does need to come in person, he or she can use the remote diagnostics analysis data to prepare for maintenance tasks or repairs on your appliance. This saves you both time and money.

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Frequently asked questions

What can a smart washing machine do?

All smart washing machines are designed to save energy and protect your washing. Your EasyStart assistant automatically selects the most efficient programme for your needs and the ActiveWater Plus feature reduces the consumption of electricity and water. Intelligent sensors in the washing machine ensure that only the water that is actually needed is used – based on the textile type and fill level of the machine. Appliances with the intelligent dosing system i-Dos also save on washing detergent. You fill the detergent compartment and when the washing cycle starts, the machine doses just the right amount for the fill level, textile type, and degree of dirtiness.

Once your smart washing machine is connected to the Home Connect app, you can start it and monitor the washing cycle even when out and about.

Can I retrofit my own washing machine?

Retrofitting is possible but not recommended. A solution installed later on is relatively expensive and often does not include the same features as a solution that is integrated from the start. Home appliances with Home Connect are tailored to each other and connected via the app. You must therefore check carefully before exchanging or adding electronics.

What technology is necessary to use the Home Connect app?

Home Connect only works with a smart washing machine that is designed for this functionality. In the Smart Home Appliances area, you can find out which home appliance types work with Home Connect. The Home Connect app can be used on smartphones and tablets and requires a WiFi connection. You can control your home appliances using multiple smart devices.

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Even smarter together: The Home Connect partners

Home Connect is compatible with lots of applications and services. For you, this means more choice and more ideas. Thanks to numerous possible combinations, you can repeatedly redesign your home and use additional functions.

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We'd be happy to help: Home Connect support

Do you have any questions about Home Connect issues? In our support area, you'll find help with the setup and functions of home appliances with Home Connect as well as help with partner services.

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