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Working arrangements have changed over the past few months. Home office, previously a fringe benefit in a handful of companies, is now a necessity.

There are certainly upsides to working from home: it gives you an unparalleled freedom to organize your workspace however you want, withtools and accessories chosen to fit your specific style of conducting home office work.

Take LaMetric TIME - it is a smart clock that can also display notifications from a host of apps and services, including Home Connect, on its screen. Would you like to know how much time is left until your washing machine is finished? A glance at the screen and you are up to date.

LaMetric watch shows Coffee Machine status

Now, thanks to the further integration with Home Connect, you can use LaMetric TIME to control your coffee maker from the comfort of your desk, sofa or wherever you might want to set up your home office – for a better work life balance.

It’s really simple. First, you’ll have to define your favourite coffee drink in the app. The command will be then assigned to a button on the clock’s control panel and you’ll be able to simply push that button to make a cup of your chosen brew.

Hot, fresh coffee whenever you crave it – while you can remain focused on the task at hand. Sounds quite convenient, doesn’t it?

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