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There’s more to Home Connect than meets the eye. News from the world of smart appliances, useful tips for household management and lots of inspiration to make your life easier every day – it’s just a small sample of what the app has to offer.

Ecological detergents for kitchen cleaning

5 Vintage cleaning tips for your household

Today’s connected homes provide a plethora of ways to run our households more efficiently. However, when it comes to cleaning up, vintage solutions from our grandparents’ generation can go a long way, too.

Image: smart hacks for salmon

Smart hacks and the home

With the advent of the internet, people are sharing more amazing, strange ways to optimize their bodies, minds and items than ever before. With so many out there, we decided to group together some unusual household tips to share with you.

Image of laundry label on a jumper

Mind the tag. A simple guide on how to become a laundry day champion

Remove child! Don’t slap pandas! When it comes to care tags, clothing companies have started to get creative in order to grab our attention. And they have to, because to most of us, the symbols on the tags of shirts, skirts or dresses might as well be Egyptian hieroglyphs. We are here to shed some light on the cryptic side of your beloved fashion items. After all, we want our threads to “spark joy” for as long as possible.

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