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Mmmm... Wouldn't you just love to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee each morning without having to get up to make it? With coffee machines with the Home Connect function, this dream becomes reality.

The smart fully automatic coffee machines from Bosch and other home appliance brands can be controlled easily from any room with the Home Connect app. While you enjoy a gentle start to the day, your coffee machine will work away fully automatically, preparing your favourite coffee in your kitchen.

Coffee just as you like it – at any time. Whether you prefer espresso, latte macchiato or a big cup of white coffee, smart coffee machines with Home Connect take note of how you and your family like to take your coffee.

You can even use the Home Connect app to widen your knowledge about everything to do with coffee. This means that you and your guests can enjoy finding out about new blends and flavours.

Further benefits of a smart coffee machine

Convenience above effort: While you enjoy your latte macchiato with extra foam, your machine's autoMilk Clean function will clean the milk system completely automatically.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at the possibilities that your Home Connect coffee machine has to offer.

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Coffee machines to suit all tastes

How does a smart coffee machine really work? Your fully automatic coffee machine prepares your coffee at a simple click in the Home Connect app – regardless of where you are and exactly as you like it.

If you have guests, you can use the drinks playlist to create your coffee orders and send them to the machine. The display has a live tracking function that tells you which coffee creation your barista is currently preparing.

Latte macchiato with biscuits

Specialty coffees from all over the world

Surprise your loved one with new coffee delights.

The Home Connect app can inspire you with new ideas: Find out about Italian specialty coffees, Indian Kaapi, and the Australian flat white. In addition to well-known classics, you can discover and try out a further 17 special coffee variants.

Hands containing coffee berries

Concentrated knowledge, from the coffee bean to the cup

Become a coffee expert and learn about new types and blends of coffee and the places where they are cultivated. All of this knowledge is available in the Home Connect app.

The preparation of coffee is an art in itself. The final taste is influenced by the water and beans as well as the pressure of the coffee machine and even its height above sea level. Learn more with the coffee know-how function. Here, you can get recipes and read information about roasting methods.

Man on a sofa with a smartphone

A coffee machine that remembers who you are

Your intelligent coffee machine can do more than just brew coffee. It uses the app to remind you to put the milk back in the refrigerator and lets you know when you need to buy more coffee beans.

And if you haven't got your smartphone to hand, you can network your coffee machine with LaMetric TIME – a clock with an LED pixel display that allows you to receive notifications.

Our brands, your possibilities

More ideas for your smart kitchen

Control your coffee machine with your voice

Enjoy the advantages of smart voice control: Read about how you can control your coffee machine with your voice here – from the comfort of your own sofa!

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Cleverly combined with IFTTT

With the app IFTTT, you can connect your coffee machine with your other smart appliances – in precisely the way you want.


Connect your appliance with the app

You can connect your smart coffee machine with the Home Connect app really easily and get started straight away. In the pairing finder, we show you how to do this.

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"Flat white, Kaapi, or ristretto: Thanks to the Home Connect app, I can always enjoy specialty coffees that suit my tastes."

Controlling a Home Connect coffee machine with the app

Fancy a quick espresso before going shopping? Simply send your order to your smart coffee machine via the Home Connect app while you sit and plan your purchases in your living room.

You can use the app to control your WiFi-enabled coffee machine from the Home Connect range of Bosch and other home appliance brands using your smartphone or tablet.

In addition, the Home Connect coffee world feature in the app continually provides you with new coffee ideas and takes note of your favourite creations. Just as you like it!

Your WiFi-enabled coffee machine uses the app to send you a reminder telling you that your milk or coffee beans are running out.

The app is intuitive to use and your dashboard is designed to be simple.

Use the demo appliances right now to see how you can control appliances with the Home Connect app – even if you haven't yet connected an appliance up to Home Connect.

How the Home Connect app works

Discover the Home Connect app and test the demo appliances.

Learn more about the Home Connect app


A man at a desk with a computer

Analysis and service via remote diagnostics

Do you need an engineer because your coffee machine isn't working as well as usual? Just call the Home Connect hotline and you will be connected directly to customer service.

With your permission, the customer service representative can access your smart coffee machine online and start remote diagnostics. Normally, the error message can be retrieved and the problem solved in this way. If an engineer does need to come in person, he or she can use the remote diagnostics analysis data to prepare for maintenance tasks or repairs on your appliance. This saves you both time and money.

Go to the remote diagnostics service

Frequently asked questions

What can a smart coffee machine do?

A smart coffee machine fitted with the Home Connect function takes note of your coffee preferences. You can use the coffee world function in the Home Connect app to find your favourite coffees and those of your guests. The coffee playlist allows you to enter your guests' coffee orders so that the coffee machine can take care of brewing them. It also notes the settings so that your guests can enjoy the same special coffee variations next time they come to visit.

If your smart coffee machine also has the oneTouch function, it can prepare all specialty coffees at the touch of a button, independently of the app. Innovative technology automatically controls the dispensing of coffee and milk froth.

What is a fully automatic coffee machine?

Fully automatic coffee machines offer all of the functions that you need to get a really great coffee. They brew fresh coffee beans and prepare different coffee variants to a high quality. They even have a milk frother. Modern models can manually set and save the water quantity, grinding level, coffee quantity, and lots more! This allows you to prepare your perfect coffee at the push of a button. As a result, your coffee always meets high quality standards.

What technology is necessary to use the Home Connect app?

Home Connect only works with intelligent coffee machines from Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, and NEFF that are designed for this functionality. In the Smart Home Appliances area, you can find out which home appliance types work with Home Connect. The Home Connect app can be used on smartphones and tablets and requires a WiFi connection. You can control your home appliances using multiple smart devices.

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Home Connect is compatible with lots of applications and services. For you, this means more choice and more ideas. Thanks to numerous possible combinations, you can repeatedly redesign your home and use additional functions.

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Do you have any questions about Home Connect issues? In our support area, you'll find help with the setup and functions of home appliances with Home Connect as well as help with partner services.

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