Energy Management

If you can reduce your energy costs without changing your consumption, then it's generally thanks to an intelligent energy management system. The trick here is to ensure that the electricity produced by your photovoltaic system is primarily used to supply energy to your home rather than being fed into the grid. How does it work? It's very simple: Your home appliances are automatically switched on if the sun shines and enough energy is produced. And regardless of whether or not you are actually at home.


Make your home smart: Loxone and Home Connect cleverly connected

As a specialist for intelligent automation solutions, Loxone makes life and work easier in every situation. Home Connect enabled household appliances can be easily integrated into Loxone automations, making your appliances, your home and the Loxone Miniserver one unit. This makes your home even more secure, energy efficient and comfortable.

Learn how to make your life easier with Loxone Multiroom Audio, smart light control, intelligent fall detection and many more great features.

Smart energy usage, increased security and much more

Together with Home Connect, Loxone ensures better energy use, and improves security. Just activate Loxone with a triple click to its touch button. Loxone Miniserver will check home appliances with Home Connect in the network, and let you know whether, for example, the hob or oven is switched off. The Miniserver may also switch on the alarm system, turn down the heating if necessary and check whether doors and windows are closed. The result: the peace of mind, wherever you are.

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Control your home via voice command, so that your hands are always free for other tasks.

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A home that knows what to do: Control your home without having to think about it.

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