5 Vintage cleaning tips for your household

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Today’s connected homes provide a plethora of ways to run our households more efficiently. However, when it comes to cleaning up, vintage solutions from our grandparents’ generation can go a long way, too.

1. Make your own cleaning detergents and air fresheners

Create your own cleaning detergent by mixing lemons, vinegar, salt and baking soda. The potent concoction cleans everything from windows to kitchen surfaces. If you’re looking to freshen the air, boil water in a small pot and add a few drops of vanilla extract to spread a lovely odor in your house. Placing small bowls of coffee beans around your home is also a great way to neutralize smells.

An image shows washing dishes with natural detergents

2. Remove odors and stains from dishes with these tips for washing up

Remove the smell of fish or onions from dishes and utensils by putting a piece of lemon peel in the dishwasher or washing water. You can also get rid of odors by adding a teaspoonful of baking soda to the dishwasher or water. If you’re looking for an easy way to remove tea stains from china, add salt and vinegar.

3. Use sunlight to kill mold and mildew on mattresses, linens etc.

When it comes to killing unwanted germs and bacteria that cause mold and mildew, nothing beats mother nature. Dry your linens in the sunlight and everything that’s not supposed to be there will disappear in thin air. Pro tip: Give your mattresses the chance to breathe and become germ-free by airing them in the sunlight every spring and autumn.

Image shows cleaning of a carpet

4. Cleaning silverware from tarnishes

Cover the bottom of a heat-proof dish with crinkled aluminum foil and lay the silver pieces flat in the dish. Sprinkle one tablespoon of baking soda evenly over them and cover the silver with boiling hot water. Gently stir it with a spoon to distribute the baking soda. As soon as you see that the tarnishes disappear, remove the silver, rinse it, and then polish it with a soft cloth. Don’t use this method for jewelry with stones, pearly, shells or hollow silverware. Polish the silverware by hand instead, using a paste of baking soda and water.

5. Deep clean with the seasons

We’re all familiar with the benefits of a good spring clean: You feel refreshed, relieved, and ready to enjoy a neat home for the months to come. Do the same in autumn to keep coughs and colds at bay, as you’ll spend more time indoors. Deep-clean all carpets, linens and surfaces to free your home from germs that can easily flourish in warm indoor environments.

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