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With the advent of the internet, people are sharing more amazing, strange ways to optimize their bodies, minds and items than ever before. With so many out there, we decided to group together some unusual household tips to share with you.

The humble dishwasher is a revolutionary item, originally built to efficiently clean many dishes at once in an ergonomic way. But here is a little trick you might not know. If you’re hungry and need to clean some dishes at the same time simply wrap a piece of salmon with tin foil, some lime juice and seasoning, press all the air out and pop in the dishwasher. This process is very similar to sous vide poaching. Dishwashers tend to run at 48 degrees, and cooking salmon in this style requires 47 degrees. Make sure to wrap the foil tightly, we couldn’t find any versions of the recipe that suggest adding soap…

A less risky trick might be to wash some unconventional items. Household objects as varied as vases, lamp shades and even hair combs can all be cleaned with great efficiency in a dishwasher. For baseball cap enthusiasts, the dishwasher is actually a much safer place to wash items than a normal washing machine. Use cardboard inside the cap to re-enforce the shape, and never wash vintage collector’s items! The dust is where all the value is. Whether you’re watching a baseball game, tv show or anything else distracting, Home Connect can also notify you when your dishwasher or washing machine is finished.

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As some parents already know, washing machines are great for bulk washing Lego and plastic toys. To do this, use a delicates washbag and a low temperature. After, lay pieces on a towel to dry while being extra, extra careful to mind your toes near them.

If you have a dryer, throwing in an ice cube can reduce the need for ironing after, while tennis balls will help keep jackets, soft animals and other items fluffy and soft. Alternatively you can also do another classic hack: throwing a dry towel in with the load to help speed things up a bit.

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