SMA – Smart energy management with the Sunny Home Manager

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Control the consumption of the energy you generate at home and free yourself from the burden of rising energy costs. Selected Bosch and Siemens dishwashers, washing machines and dryers with the Home Connect function now also feature a Flex Start function. Together with the SMA energy manager and a photovoltaic system, or a time-of-use tariff, you can now benefit from a smart energy management system.

How SMA works with Home Connect

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Saving energy intelligently with SMA and Home Connect

Enter the latest time at which you want your washing machine to be finished, for example, and activate the energy manager. Your appliance will then hand over control of the finishing time to SMA – your household's energy manager. This then calculates the optimum starting time that is needed to make use of the most cost-effective energy source (e.g. power from a photovoltaic source or a time-of-use tariff). If there is no surplus energy available, the program will be automatically switched to a conventional power supply to ensure that the laundry is completed by the specified latest finishing time.

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How to use SMA with Home Connect

To use SMA with Home Connect, you need the following appliances/must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers with the Home Connect function and Flex Start function
  • Photovoltaic system or time-of-use tariff
  • Energy manager, inverter and energy meter provided by a third party: Integration of the EEBus Standard means that selected home appliances with Home Connect are compatible with every energy manager (here: SMA) that implements the EEBus communication protocol.
  • Wi-Fi router with Internet access: Communication between the Sunny Home Manager and the home appliances is handled by the same Wi-Fi your appliances are connected to.

To find out in which countries SMA with Home Connect is already available, please visit the SAM website or find further information on the Home Connect website under Connected Partners.

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Step-by-step: Connecting SMA to Home Connect

Step 1: First, connect your home appliance to the Home Connect app

Step 2: Connect the energy manager to your home appliance It is only possible to connect the home appliance and the energy manager if the home appliance is linked to a Home Connect account.

Step 3: Connect the home appliance and the energy manager by getting the appliance ready to connect and then removing the plug of the energy manager from the power socket and plugging it back in. This will force the energy manager to restart.

Step 4: After restarting, the appliance will now also be visible in the Sunny Portal. You can now save energy intelligently with SMA and Home Connect.

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