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When it comes to your own four walls, bigger usually means better. Who wouldn't want more space, storage and comfort? Well, not people who are part of the Tiny House movement in the USA, defined by living within 400sq feet of living space. But why should you squeeze your whole life into such a small space? Well, there are some very good reasons.

In most extended urban areas affordable housing is scarce and there is little space for new construction. A Tiny House on the other hand requires little floor space and can squeeze in the smallest gap between buildings. You can also go up into the air, place a Tiny House on the roof of existing low-rise buildings and enjoy the view. As fewer materials are used and construction times are shorter, the costs are much lower than for larger buildings. This makes home ownership affordable for people with lower incomes. The small houses can also score big points when it comes to sustainability: less living space, less CO2 emissions.

Mini-house with Home Connect from inside

But what is it like to live in such a tiny place? Understandably for people who are attached to their possessions, it becomes difficult to stow everything away in this space - even if every corner is optimally used by clever systems. However, those who cultivate a minimalist lifestyle and are reluctant to tie themselves down with too many material objects will find happiness in a well-designed dwelling. It goes without saying that Tiny House residents consume less and more consciously - no room for the superfluous! This also contributes to the fact that Tiny Houses leave a smaller ecological footprint.

Tiny House near river shore

Flexibility of location is also a huge attraction. Who doesn’t dream of opening curtains to an ocean view in the morning? Or a mountain panorama for a change? With a mobile Tiny House on wheels you don't even have to pack moving boxes when wanderlust grips, just take your home with you. Those who do this often need to apply for parking permits, and in some places there are even Tiny House settlements that make the search for suitable locations easier.

The concept of the Tiny Houses in short means maximum flexibility and liberation from material consumption constraints, while at the same time saving money and protecting the environment. With all this in mind, it comes as no surprise that more people than ever before are falling for the charms of a Tiny House.

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