A young family with a child enjoys baking even more thanks to Home Connect

Home Connect – connected to your household

Welcome to Home Connect and a new way of living. Home Connect helps you to manage your home appliances with ease and comfort – from the washing machine, to the oven, to the coffee machine or the vacuum cleaner. With the Home Connect app you have all important and useful information at your fingertips at any time. Not only can you switch appliances on and off, but also gain insights about them, individualise their mode and trigger certain functionalities or actions such as adjusting timers or putting the devices into an energy saving mode, and much more.

Learn how Home Connect can help you make your household easier, safer and more efficient. Not only do you have the extensive features of the Home Connect app but also the numerous associated partner services of the Home Connect ecosystem.

Connected People

A  family enjoys a relaxing meal together thanks to Home Connect

Organising your day with Home Connect.

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A man operating his connected home appliance from the office using the Home Connect app

“My aspiration: innovation and convenience.”

Sven (40)

Sven uses Home Connect to optimize his daily housework.

A family on the couch happily operating the Home Connect app

“Children can get out of hand, so any help is welcome.”

Stephan (38) & Anna (35)

With the help of Home Connect, Stephan and Anna keep the whole family together.

A young couple enjoying the Home Connect app

“If you want to impress people, you need to take them by surprise.”

Erik (32) & Hanne (30)

Thanks to Home Connect Hanne and Erik inspire their friends with innovative technology and culinary highlights.

Connected Household

WiFi-enabled home appliances being operated using the Home Connect app

Connect and manage all your home appliances with Home Connect in a smart way.

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A woman bakes much more relaxed with the help of an intelligent Home Connect baking oven

Cooking & Baking

Don’t have anything burned ever again: Send recipes from the Home Connect app or other cook apps directly to the oven, prepare everything and switch it on at the right time even before you reached home and check if the meal is done via app. These are only some of many possibilities that Home Connect offers you.

A Home Connect washing machine in a laundry room

Washing & Drying

A clean thing: With Home Connect your laundry care reaches the next level. Manage the washing machine via Home Connect app, stop the machine to add additional cloth, get a notification when the laundry is finished and much more.

An open dishwasher with Home Connect function


A sparkling finish: with Home Connect, your dishwasher will not only provide a splendid result, but can also be managed remotely, order dishwashing tabs on its own by using the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service and advises you interactively on which cleaning program is the best one to choose.

Connected Partners

A laptop screen showing the logos from the Home Connect partners

A boundless world full of possibilities – with the partners of Home Connect.

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Amazon Alexa awaiting your Home Connect voice command for the smart oven.

Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, tell Home Connect oven to start.” Learn how you can control your Home Connect appliances with the voice-controlled personal assistant from Amazon, stay informed at all times about their current status, and have your hands free for other things at the same time.

HHome Connect Partner IFTTT in combination with the Home Connect app


Would you like your lights to blink when the laundry is finished? Or perhaps have your coffee machine prepare a cup of coffee for you as a reward, once you have sent out a certain number of emails? Your imagination knows no bounds when you connect your Home Connect appliances with IFTTT.

Test the Home Connect app

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Manage important functions of your home appliances with just one app, especially when not at home. Test the demo version of the app today without having a Home Connect appliance of your own, yet.

Discover Home Connect

Connected Kitchen Conference

First Connected Kitchen Conference

How will tomorrow's futuristic kitchen look and function? The Rhizome Kitchen Conference was dedicated to this exciting topic. There were inspiring presentations, great guests and lively discussions with good networking possibilities. If you missed the Rhizome Kitchen Conference this year you’ll find here many impressions. Look forward to the conference next year.

X-Spect scanning an egg

X-Spect – a smart scanner

The visionary concept of a smart scanner to analyze food and textiles for private use. X-Spect supports you in your daily routine by recognising non-visible information.

Telephonic support in Home Connect service center


Learn more about how to set up and use Home Connect appliances, or about how to connect them with associated partner services and applications that are part of the Home Connect ecosystem.

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