Laptop on a table with a privacy icon on the screen denoting Home Connect data security

We take your privacy seriously

We make sure you have control over what’s shared.

Before you choose to connect any device or service with Home Connect, we’ll explain what information will be shared.

You can disconnect from the partner ecosystem at any time.

Every developer we work with is required to follow a list of guidelines that limit how developers are allowed to use the information you provide to the developer by using the service. We will revoke third-party access when we suspect that the developer violates those rules. You can also disconnect an integration whenever you’d like. If for any reason you decide to delete your Home Connect account, we’ll automatically disconnect any active integrations for you.

We take regularly extra steps to keep your data secure.

Privacy is important. But so is security. All our connections use SSL. Which means communications between Home Connect and other third-party companies are always encrypted. Furthermore the Home Connect App is checked by the TÜV Trust IT and the system meets the highest security standards.

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