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Washing and drying with Home Connect

Clean and fresh: Your shirt must be ready by 7 p.m.? Do you want to wash efficiently or do you need a special washing program for red wine stains? Learn how your washing machine and dryer work with Home Connect to fit into your everyday life and not the other way round. Learn more about the functionalities of Home Connect washing machines and dryer. In addition to the native features of Home Connect devices, our partner network provides countless other services and possibilities.

Washers & Dryers – functions at a glance

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“Your laundry is ready to dry”

From now on, your household chores adapt to your routine and not the other way around. Just set the time for your washing machine to start washing and it will start on the scheduled time. It even sends you a message as soon as it is done, so you do not have to check on it all repeatedly.

Wash program display on Home Connect app

Always find the ideal washing program

Choose the ideal washing and drying program for your laundry with the “Easy Start” wizard. It guidance you through the most crucial information like color, material or degree of dirt of your laundry. If you like, you can start your washing machine directly from the app.

Little boy holding a spoon, wearing a dirty shirt that he just smeared his finger on

Every stain has its appropriate program

And there is more: Whether it's chocolate or red wine, the Home Connect app provides additional settings to remove stains that cannot be found on some washing machines – for a spick and span laundry with every wash.

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Efficient and clean with Home Connect

With Home Connect, you get operating tips and have the option to select and start your washing program in the app. The i-Dos washing machine makes washing even more convenient. It takes the water hardness as well as the load into account to automatically determine how much detergent and fabric softener is needed to guarantee a clean result. Last but not least the Home Connect washing machine will send you a push notification, if something needs to be refilled or the washing program is finished.

Home Connect home appliances brands

A world of possibilities. Connected to your home.

Take the next step into the future: Discover how new connections redefine your daily life. With Siemens and Home Connect. Wi-Fi enabled Home Appliances can already be operated through the Home Connect App. But now this technology connects your appliances with different partners – turning your house into a connected home. Open up for an innovative lifestyle and let the future move into your home.

Smart Today. Smart Tomorrow.

Bosch is Europe's leading home appliance brand. Consumers worldwide associate the brand with efficient functionality, reliable quality and an internationally acclaimed design. The guiding principle of "Invented for life", all the more, finds its expression in the age of digital transformation. With Home Connect, Bosch connects all its home appliances across all product categories, enabling its consumers to live smart today and tomorrow.

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Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, ask Home Connect washing machine when the washing will be finished.”

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Save time: With IFTTT your imaginations see no bounds. You can simply setup your own personal favorite application and personalized tasks according to yourneeds and your household.

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Home Connect partners

The Home Connect ecosystem offers multitudinous partner services, from cookbook apps to energy management solutions for your smart home. Discover our steadily growing network of possibilities.

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Manage important functions of your home appliances with just one app, especially when not at home. Test the demo version of the app today without having a Home Connect appliance of your own, yet.

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An intelligent vacuum cleaner that knows your apartment well, pays attention when you are on the way, and is capable of much more: only possible with Home Connect.

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