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Home Connect – your everyday life will never be the same

Welcome to Home Connect and a new way of living. You can now control household appliances made by selected European brands even when away from home, thus giving you more time and energy. With the Home Connect app, you will have more time for the things that are important to you. With Home Connect, you can do away with irritating time-wasting and manage your housework independently of time and space. Take a brief look at how your day-to-day life can change.

Everything you need to know about Home Connect

What is Home Connect?

With Home Connect, you can control your household appliances from selected European brands easily and intuitively using your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to preheat the oven from your office or you want to know whether your dishwasher needs some more rinse aid while you are in the supermarket – all these things are already possible with Home Connect. And that’s not all. Home Connect offers a whole range of functions that go far beyond remotely controlling your household appliances: you’ll be given tips and tricks on using the appliances and suitable accessories which you can order in just a few clicks, as well as recipe ideas, information on the status of your appliances and technical support help for any malfunctions.

How does Home Connect work?

Home Connect uses wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) to connect your household appliances with your smartphone or tablet. This means you do not need any additional hardware: you just need a device with Home Connect functionality and the app that you are able to download for free for iOS and Android.

Appliances that have an integrated Wi-Fi chip can be remotely controlled and managed using Home Connect. Important functions on household appliances can also be remotely controlled with Home Connect. Data exchange with household appliances is protected and meets the highest security standards. The TÜV Trust IT has also confirmed a high level of security of the Home Connect app.

Which appliances can Home Connect control?

Home Connect is the first app that enables control of various household appliance brands. In future, you will be able to invest in networked household appliances without having to buy the same brand each time.

Household appliance manufacturers can equip the latest generation of devices with the Home Connect standard. Some appliances by selected European brands are already compatible with Home Connect. Find out more about our partners and household appliances with Home Connect functionality here.

What is next at Home Connect?

Across the world, the networking of devices – the internet of things – is a mega trend. Networking has been a part of our daily lives for some time now: heat, light, security, multimedia and entertainment are just a few examples of the use of this technology. In the field of household appliances, Europe’s leading brands are focusing on Home Connect. In the future, it is likely that even more manufacturers will use our standard, meaning that ever more household appliances and functions will be available to you. Brewing your coffee from bed, looking in your fridge via a camera while you are out or starting the tumble dryer on your way to the theatre – the possibilities are almost endless. Take your everyday life into the future and benefit from the many freedoms – both small and large – that Home Connect can offer you!

App content

With the advanced app for your household appliances, you can now control the important functions offered by your appliance even when out and about. So not only can you start or stop appliances, but also pause them or run programmes one after the other – for example, on the oven. You can also check the status of your appliance at any time so you know how far the programme has got and whether you’ve really turned the appliance off or not. Home Connect is divided into three sections that offer far more than just remote control:

Here you can find lots of helpful information relating to your connected appliances as well as tips and tricks for operating them and using them more effectively. And if there is a problem with one of your appliances, you will receive a notification and can get in contact quickly with the service team specially trained in Home Connect appliances.

In this section, you can find all the household appliances that are linked to the app. Here, you can control your appliances and can always get an overview of what appliances are connected. You can see which appliances are currently in operation, how much time is left before the programme finishes, whether one of your appliances needs something and what you can do to fix it.

Here you can find numerous recipes developed for ovens with Home Connect functionality that will make cooking easier. Explanatory videos demonstrate the individual steps for preparing meals and offer useful, professional tips related to cooking.

Try out demo mode!

Even if you don’t have an appliance with Home Connect, you can still try out our app. Just select the integrated demo mode and experience all the features: For instance, how you can look inside your refrigerator or switch on your oven when you’re away from home. There’s also a selection of recipes as well as tips and tricks related to cooking.


In order to control Home Connect with your app, you need to take three simple steps. Please make sure that
- Your appliance can access the Internet where it is;
- Your home network (Wi-Fi) is working; and
- Your appliance is unpacked and connected before you start entering personal data and creating a user account.

Registration and creating your user account/accounts

You need an account in order to use Home Connect, to remotely control and to manage your household appliances using the app, and also to make sure that no unauthorized access to your household appliances is possible.

Register and set up your account: either download the Home Connect app either from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to your smartphone or tablet PC and install the app. Open the Home Connect app on your smartphone/tablet while connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Home Connect–enabled appliance. Enter your first name, surname, email address (username) and other details as needed. Enter a password of your choice and confirm it.

You will receive an email to confirm your registration including a confirmation link. Confirm your registration by clicking on the confirmation link within ten days.

Local WiFi requirements including router settings

Home Connect will normally work correctly with the standard wireless settings of most recent commercially available home routers without any need for adjustment. In some cases, certain settings might need to be changed manually. If necessary, please check to see that the following settings are correctly set in your router. To find out how to access the router configuration settings, please consult your router’s installation instructions.

  • If you’re unsure how to configure your router, try using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button on the router for simpler setup. WPS automatically configures wireless security on Wi-Fi Protected Setup-enabled network devices.

Where necessary, for example with manual setup, the following tips and settings should be followed:

  • Your wireless network must be encrypted, preferably using WPA2 security or WPA as a minimum. Open networks are not suited to work with Home Connect .
  • Home Connect works over network modes IEEE 802.11 b, g and n. Please ensure your router is set accordingly. Home appliances are only compatible with the 2.4 GHz band. If you are connecting an appliance please set your network accordingly.
  • Home Connect does not work over Wi-Fi networks that require browser registration, i.e. a user name and password entered via a web browser.
  • You should have a stable wireless network with good reception and access to the internet.
  • Turn off MAC filtering in the router to prevent the MAC addresses of your household appliances and smart devices being recorded.
  • The use of proxies is not recommended.
  • Ports 443, 8080 and 123 must be open.
  • The multicast routing option must be enabled in the router to allow pairing with Home Connect devices.

Integration of the appliance into your home Wi-Fi network

There are two ways to integrate your appliance into your home network: automatically or manually. If your router has a WPS function, you can register the appliance on the network automatically. If your router does not have a WPS function or you are not sure whether it does or not, simply register your appliance on your home network manually.

This is how to integrate your appliance into your home network: The Home Connect assistant on your appliance will show you how to connect your appliance to your home network. A detailed description of the necessary steps can also be found in the booklet that was included with the delivery of your new appliance.

Automatic network registration: The Home Connect assistant will try to register the relevant appliance automatically on your network using the WPS function of your router (you can find more information about WPS in your router handbook). If automatic activation is activated, you must confirm the connection by pressing the WPS button on your router within two minutes. As soon as your appliance is successfully linked to your home network, a message will be displayed on the appliance’s display.

Manual network registration: You can also manually activate and register your appliance. To do so, select the ‘manual connection’ option in the Home Connect assistant on your appliance. The appliance will now set up its own Wi-Fi network which you can access via your smartphone or tablet. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device and connect it with the Home Connect Wi-Fi of your appliance (password: HomeConnect). The appliance will be displayed in the Home Connect app on your smartphone or tablet. Now you can transfer the access details for your home network (Wi-Fi), thereby integrating it into your home network.

Connect the appliance to the app (pairing)

In order to ensure that the app has access to your household appliances, you need to connect your appliance not only to your wireless network, but also to the Home Connect app.

This is how to connect your appliance to the app:
If the relevant appliance is registered on your home network, all you have to do is connect it to your Home Connect account. Start the Home Connect app on your mobile device and log in. Then activate the function ‘Link with app’ on your appliance. This step may vary depending on the appliance, so please consult the booklet that was included with your appliance. The app will automatically recognize your appliance. To complete the installation process, select ‘Add appliance’ in the app.

Support with set-up:
If you need help with set-up, you can find the booklet for your new appliance here . Otherwise, please read our FAQ or contact the Home Connect Service.

What Home Connect Service can offer you:
Home Connect Service can offer you professional support by telephone and on-site. And not just during the set-up stage, but also if you have any questions about functions or using the app. This service is offered for countries, where Home Connect is available. Please look for contact details on your country's website.

Please note that this service is only available in German and for appliances installed in Germany.

One app – lots of added value

With Home Connect, your oven will turn professional and your crockery will wash itself. Get an overview of the many benefits of Home Connect here and how it can make your life easier.

Coffee machine

  • Enjoy your own personal barista. Order from the living room table, your bed or your balcony. Select your own favourite coffee or send a playlist of drinks for all your guests to your coffee machine. And with the cup warmer function, you can even tell the machine to preheat the cups so that you can enjoy your coffee to the full.
  • Whip up something special. Italian coffee specialties, Indian kaapi or Australian flat white. Choose from ten classic coffees and 17 additional beverages from around the world.
  • Never have the milk go sour again. Your coffee machine will send you a reminder if you forget to put the milk container back in the fridge.
  • Become a coffee aficionado. Learn new things directly from the app, such as about different specialties and where they come from.


  • Control – it’s a breeze. Change your cooker hood settings quickly and simply from the app. Whether it’s fan speed, sensitivity or run-on time, everything is conveniently at your fingertips.
  • Light up your life. With the Home Connect App you can control the light configuration of your cooker hood. Choose any colour of the spectrum you want, as well as the brightness, to suit your mood or even match your dishwasher lighting.
  • Time for a change. Get instant information about the filter saturation and when it needs replacing. Plus, you’ll find handy tips and instructions directly in the app about how to change it.


  • Have it your way. Customise your hob settings and monitor the status of each zone with the Home Connect app. You’ll never again have to wonder if you turned something off. You can even check to see if the child-proof lock is set when you’re out and about. And if it’s not set, a simple tap is all it takes to protect little fingers.
  • Get inspired. Full of delicious ideas, great cooking tips and video guides, the integrated cookbook lets you search a wide range of recipes by ingredient or meal. And once you’ve found something to your taste, you can even send the settings direct to the hob from the app.
  • See the unseen. Great for hobs without a built-in display, the app acts as a remote interface, giving you easy access to functions and settings and letting you adjust them just the way you want.
  • Important note: Cooktops are not intended for unattended use – the cooking process must be supervised.


  • No more nagging doubts. Never ask yourself, “Did I turn the oven off,” again. Just check the Home Connect app. If it’s on, turn it off. Or, when you’re on your way home, turn it on to save waiting for it to heat up. Change running programmes and keep an eye on things, or simply get a notification at the end of a programme.
  • Be a star cook. Get great cooking tips, videos and lots of new recipes specially tailored to your appliance – you can even send the necessary settings directly to your oven. Plus, get special seasonal recipe suggestions every month exclusive to the Home Connect app.
  • Make your life easier. Forget tedious searching for accessories. Now, you can discover and order matching accessories for your appliance in the connected brand online shop.


  • Get smart about your housework. Select the programme settings you want and keep an eye on the progress directly from the Home Connect app. Or let the Easy Start Assistant choose the ideal programme for you according to the load. Whichever you choose, a perfect finish is guaranteed.
  • Get in the right mood. Change the colour and brightness of your dishwasher’s interior illumination to suit your room atmosphere or match your cooker hood lighting.
  • Everything in the right order. With delayed mode, you can program the times you want each of your appliances to run or finish at. And if a third-party energy management system is available, it can be coupled with FlexStart to calculate the most economical time to run your dishwasher, whether it’s using an economy tariff or, if you’ve got a solar power installation, the system is generating enough power to run it.
  • Stay on top of things. Machine finished or rinse aid getting low? Get a notification on your smartphone or tablet. Plus, the app will remind you to run the special cleaning and care programme after every 30 wash cycles to help keep your dishwasher in tip-top condition.

Washing machine and dryer

  • Base your housework around your schedule. Just set the time you want your wash to be finished and the washing machine will start at the appropriate time. It will even send you a notification when it’s finished so you don’t have to keep going to check.
  • Select the right programme every time. Choose the ideal washing and drying programme for your wash with the Easy Start Assistant. Simple and intuitive, it suggests the optimal programme based on the important details, such as the colour, materials and level of soiling of your wash, and lets you start it directly from the app.
  • Expand your options. Whether it’s chocolate or red wine you need to get rid of, the Home Connect app gives you special spot removal settings in addition to those available on the machine for perfect results every time.
  • Choose the efficient solution. With Home Connect, you get usage tips and all the relevant information about water and energy consumption when you select your washing programme.


  • Never run low. Look inside your fridge, even when you’re not at home. Thanks to the built-in camera, you can now check the contents while you’re out shopping.
  • Get set, go. Control the temperature settings via the app as you wish, with specific cooling settings such as holiday or fresh mode. Thanks to the intuitive touch screen on your smartphone or tablet, it’s even easier and more precise than on the appliance itself. Plus, it will send you a notification if the door isn’t properly closed.
  • Plan ahead. Set your freezer to superFreezing while you’re still out shopping. When you get home, the food you just bought will freeze as quickly as possible, protecting vitamins and nutritional values.
  • Cool tips. Get useful advice and information and find out more about the food and food storage in your refrigerator direct from the app.


Which requirements have to be met and what hardware and software you need to use Home Connect can be found here.

Operating requirements

Please check the availability of Home Connect in your country by clicking on the world map at the top right corner of the page. In order to use Home Connect, you need to download the app first and register for Home Connect with your name and email address. Then all you need is an appliance with Home Connection functionality, a mobile device (tablet PC and/or smartphone) and a functioning Wi-Fi router. Appliances with Home Connect functionality can only be registered on secure, encrypted Wi-Fi networks (WPA or WPA2 encryption). In contrast to other solutions, Home Connect does not require additional expensive equipment and is ready to go out of the box.

System requirements

Home Connect can be used with a fifth-generation iPhone or later, third generation iPad or later and the iPad Mini from iOS 8 onwards or one of the later operating systems. An Android version of the app is available for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or one of the later operating systems.

Appliance requirements

Please ensure your appliances are compatible with Home Connect. You will need a household appliance with Home Connect functionality (this is indicated on the sticker with the Home Connect logo or the Wi-Fi sticker). The app runs on mobile end devices with the iOS or the Android operating system. In order to guarantee security, household appliances can only be connected within a secure (encrypted) Wi-Fi network.


Your data security is our highest priority. The Home Connect app is checked by the TÜV Trust IT and the system meets the highest security standards. Of course, the exchange of device-specific information and transfer of personal data is encrypted.

Access to the Home Connect App and controlling your household appliances is only possible via your personal account, which is protected by your password. Never tell anyone your user data and keep your password safe; our employees will never ask you for your password.

All the information you need about data security can be found here!

  • Household appliances with the Home Connect functionality will only work on secure, encrypted Wi-Fi networks (WPA or WPA2 encryption). If your Wi-Fi network is not encrypted, you will not be able to register your appliance on the network.
  • All internet communication paths in the Home Connect system solely use Transport Layer Security (TLS; an encryption technology used for online banking). This procedure is well known from home banking systems. The TLS in the household appliances with Home Connect function additionally uses both-sided certificates that guarantee a higher data security.
  • The Communication in the home network between the communication module of the appliance and the Home Connect app uses the codification algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • The app is secured by a password; if the app has not been used within a specified period of time, at the latest three months, you will need to re-enter the password.
  • The server is protected by firewalls.
  • Updating the software of the communication module in your appliance is also secure (TLS); the regular update of the communication module guarantees that current safety standards are always adhered to.
  • The app is based on secure coding standards.
  • Future remote diagnosis will be carried out by our partners’ customer service teams only via a secure data connection, and they will need your express approval to access your appliance.
  • We have also presented the networked equipment to experts who have tried to hack the Home Connect system in real conditions.
  • By pressing the factory reset button, household appliances with Home Connect functionality can be returned to factory settings. Your username will then no longer be used or allocated to the appliance.

Intelligent energy management

You can now control the consumption of the energy you produce at home and free yourself from the burden of rising power costs. Selected Bosch and Siemens dishwashers, washing machines and dryers with the Home Connect function now also feature the Flex Start function. In conjunction with a third party energy manager and a photovoltaic system, or a economy tariff, the function enables you to take immediate advantage of the benefits of intelligent energy management.

This is how it works.

For example, you set the latest time you want your washing machine to complete its programme and activate the energy manager. The appliance then hands over the control of the finishing time to your household’s energy manager. This calculates the optimum starting time that’s needed to make best use of the most economical energy source (e.g. power from a photovoltaic source or a economy tariff). If no energy advantages are available, the machine programme will be automatically switched to conventional power supply to ensure that the laundry is completed by the specified latest finishing time.

The components you need:

  • A dishwasher, washing machine or dryer with Home Connect and the Flex Start function: Initially available only in Germany and Austria. Our customer service would be pleased to tell you more about the appliances featuring Home Connect and the Flex Start function.
  • A photovoltaic system or a economy tariff
  • An energy manager, an inverter and an energy meter from a third-party provider: Integration of the EEBus Standard means that selected home appliances with Home Connect are compatible with every energy manager that implements the EEBus communication protocol. EEBus interoperability of home appliances from Bosch and Siemens has been assured by a cooperation with SMA and the use of their Sunny Home Manager. Please visit the SMA website to find the countries and distribution channels in which the Sunny Home Manager is available.
  • WLAN router with Internet access: Communication between the Sunny Home Manager and the home appliances with Home Connect function is handled by the same WiFi your appliances are connected to. The Sunny Home Manager communicates with the inverter via Bluetooth/LAN and must be connected to the Internet by LAN, i.e. by an Ethernet cable plugged into the router.

Pairing an SMA energy manager and home appliances with Home Connect

  • Establish a connection between your home appliance and the Home Connect app.
  • Establish a connection between the energy manager and your home appliance. A connection between the home appliance and the energy manager is only possible when the appliance is connected to a Home Connect account and is not already connected to other components by EEBus.
  • Establish the connection between the home appliance and the energy manager by preparing the appliance for connection and then removing the plug of the energy manager from the power socket and plugging it back in. This forces a restart of the energy manager.
  • After the restart, the appliance will now also be displayed in the Sunny Portal.

Please consult the user manual provided with your Sunny Home Manager for more detailed information.

One system. A world of opportunities.

With Home Connect, there is finally an app for your smartphone or tablet that you can use to control household appliances made by various brands - even when away from home. You no longer need to stick to appliances from one manufacturer if you want to buy household appliances with remote-control functions. We are proud that Europe’s leading manufacturers Bosch and Siemens have already implemented the Home Connect Standard – find out more here about the appliances with Home Connect functionality that are already available on the market.

You can also find our partners listed here and find out which additional brands will integrate Home Connect in the future. From recipe apps to energy management, an ever-growing circle of respected partners – each one an expert in its own field – are integrating Home Connect into their solutions. Discover: Amazon Alexa, Amazon DRS, Bosch Smart Home, Busch-Jaeger, Diehl, Drop, HelloFresh, IFTTT, Kochhaus, myTaste, Nest®, Nuimo by Senic, Simply Yummy, SMA, Tielsa, Wash&Coffee.

Please use the arrows to navigate through our partners or click here .

Amazon Alexa

Thanks to Alexa Voice Services, you are now able to operate your home appliances with Home Connect function through devices like the Amazon Echo. Convenient, intuitive and highly efficient, Amazon Echo is an intelligent, voice-activated device that can be used to provide information and play music as well as control compatible smart home devices. This integration is currently available in Austria, Germany, UK and USA.

Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

Connected dishwashers can use the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS)* to conveniently reorder products that are required using the dishwasher in good time. Thanks to integration in the Home Connect app, reordering dishwasher tablets for the connected dishwasher can be initiated automatically as needed by the customer. Dishwasher tablets can thus be supplied right on time for Amazon customers, so that they never run out. This integration is expected be available most probably from June 2017 on in the United Kingdom and USA followed also by Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

*Amazon Dash Replenishment is a service provided by Amazon

Bosch Smart Home

Bosch Smart Home lets you control a wide range of smart devices in your home to make your life more convenient, safe and comfortable. Its intelligent technology continually monitors your house and networked appliances and adjusts them according to the circumstances of your everyday life. You can monitor and control everything yourself using the intuitive app. Even when you’re not at home. Bosch home appliances with Home Connect will be integrated into the system allowing them to be controlled directly from the Bosch Smart Home App. This integration will be available in Austria and Germany in 2017.


The market leader in electrical installation technology, Busch-Jaeger manufactures a wide range of products from socket outlets to dimmers and movement detectors, to door communications systems and electronic, high-end products for building automation for Smart Home and Smart Building. Its Busch-free@home app transforms your house or apartment into an intelligent home. Convenient, handy and energy efficient, the app gives you complete control of applications such as blinds, lights, heating or door communication. And, in future, you’ll be able to control home appliances with Home Connect function and get alerts directly from the Busch-free@home app. If you leave the fridge door open, for example, you can even flash the kitchen light or change its colour. This integration will be available in Germany by the end of 2017.

Conrad Connect

Conrad Connect is an innovative IoT platform that connects smart devices from different brands and automates them via smart rules. The devices communicate with each other through cloud technology and thereby multiply the ways in which they can be used. With highly configurable dashboards, users can manage and monitor their devices directly within an Internet browser - on desktop PC as well as on a notebook or tablet. No additional software is needed. Since May 2017 Home Connect is integrated, so users can also control their home appliances with Home Connect function via the Conrad Connect service.

Diehl Connectivity Solutions

Diehl is a leading supplier of electronic components for household appliances with a long history. With the foundation of Diehl Connectivity Solutions GmbH, the company has developed a secure, cloud-based connectivity solution, gateways and control devices for smart homes. Home appliance manufacturers and energy providers can, for example, use the services and hardware to connect and integrate intelligent devices and energy management into their own products and technologies. Users can then start home appliances with Home Connect function based on solar power management. This integration will be available in Germany in 2017.


Drop combines technology and design to simplify cooking and promote a joyful experience in the kitchen. The interactive Drop Recipes app connects wirelessly to Drop Scale, guiding you step by step through each recipe to ensure perfect results. Soon, Home Connect will integrate with the Drop Recipes platform, and you'll have simple, remote control of your Bosch oven from directly within a Drop recipe. This integration is available in the UK since 2016 and further countries will follow in 2017.


HelloFresh is an Internet-based subscription service that delivers delicious, healthy ingredients for wholesome home-cooked meals directly to your door. You can choose from different recipe boxes depending on your food preferences and the size of your household. Each recipe box contains everything you need for your meals - planned with love, carefully sourced and delivered to your door at a time that’s convenient for you. And because Home Connect is integrated into the HelloFresh app, you can transfer the correct settings from a variety of HelloFresh recipes directly from the app to your Bosch oven with Home Connect function.


IFTTT (If This Then That) empowers people to make connections between the many services and devices they use every day such as appliances with Home Connect function. These connections, or “recipes” are created by a simple statement: if this, then that. ‘This’ is an event and ‘that’ something that is triggered as a result. For example, IF the washing machine is finished, THEN turn on my Philips Hue lamp. IFTTT also offers an app called DO that lets you conveniently run specific recipes at the tap of a button direct from your home screen.


Convenient,individual, simple: Kochhaus offers more than 380 different delicious recipes via their app, with new recipes added every week. Precisely portioned and freshly prepared ingredients for selected recipes can be ordered from the Kochhaus website and delivered direct to your home, or you can collect them from selected Kochhaus stores. Home Connect is integrated into the Kochhaus app so you can conveniently transfer the correct settings for a variety of Kochhaus recipes directly from the app to your Siemens oven with Home Connect function. This integration is currently available in Germany.


Cooking should be fun and easy! With myTaste you can Explore, Save and Share recipes from the best food blogs and recipe creators in the world. With all recipes in one place, always available we truly believe that myTaste is the next step in the evolution of the cookbook. Use the myTaste app to get access to millions of delicious recipes, with new recipes added every day.

Home Connect is integrated in the myTaste app for easy transfer of oven settings directly from a recipe to your Siemens or Bosch oven with Home Connect function. Join the fastest growing network of curious home cooks all over the world!

This integration is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.


Nest’s mission is to create a home that’s thoughtful – one that takes care of itself and the people inside it. The company focuses on simple, beautiful and delightful hardware, software and services. Among the Nest products rank the Nest Learning Thermostat® and the Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide detector®.

By setting up a link with your Nest account in your Home Connect App, you not only save time but also energy and can be more relaxed while away. For example, if your Nest switches to “away” and your oven is still running, you are notified and can turn off your appliance remotely. If away for a longer period of time, you are asked if you want to switch your fridge over into holiday/eco mode in order to save energy. If your Nest Protect detects an emergency, you can easily switch off your home appliances remotely.

Home Connect integration with Nest is currently available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, US and Canada. You can find it in your App’s settings menu under “Integrated Services” and follow the guides process to link your Home Connect and Nest accounts.

Nuimo by Senic

Nuimo by Senic is a discreet wireless controller that uses a combination of touch control and intuitive hand gestures to make technology simple and accessible. It can be used for controlling a wide range of devices in smart homes including music, lighting, room temperature and more. With the integration of Home Connect in Germany from 2017 on, you’ll also be able to use Nuimo to control your home appliances with Home Connect function.

Simply Yummy

Simply Yummy is a revolutionary baking recipe app, powered by Bosch, with new recipes added every week. Selected recipes feature step-by-step videos and photo sequences in superb quality to help you get great results. The app is packed with great features such as a practical timer function. Simply Yummy is like having a personal baking course in your own kitchen and, with Home Connect integrated in the app, you can conveniently transfer the cooking settings from the recipes directly to your Bosch oven with Home Connect function. Together with the Perfect Bake sensor, you can be sure of perfect results every time. This integration is available in Germany.


SMA Solar Technology AG is the world’s leading supplier of flexible solutions for solar power systems including energy management and storage solutions. Owners of these systems that use solar power to run their home appliances can use the Home Connect app and Flex Start to manage energy utilisation. For example, a washing machine can be programmed to start only when the solar panels are generating sufficient energy to run the programme without the need for external power. Time limits can, nevertheless, be set to ensure the programme will be finished automatically when you get home, regardless of where the power comes from.


Combining innovation, design and function, tielsa manufactures modern kitchen furniture designed around networked technology. The result is modern, aesthetic living spaces that improve the quality of life. The German company’s tielsa:connect app serves as a central control unit for your house, letting you remotely control your tielsa kitchen as well as many other devices such as Bosch or Siemens home appliances with Home Connect function directly from your smartphone. This integration is expected to be available in Summer 2017 in Germany.


Wash & Coffee is a digital launderette in Munich that is equipped with highly modern Bosch home appliances and Persil detergent from Henkel. At Wash & Coffee, washing is no longer a chore, since you can now sit comfortably in our lounge and drink a cup of coffee while enjoying our free WLAN.

Together with Home Connect, Wash & Coffee offers its customers a unique service called Live Wash. With Live Wash, you can check the status of the Home Connect machines on our Wash & Coffee website, wherever you are. From now on, spending time waiting in the launderette for free machines or the laundry to be ready is a thing of the past. This integration is currently available in Germany.


The name Bosch has stood for generations for ground-breaking technology and outstanding quality. Bosch Home Appliances have been committed to this high standard for more than 80 years: Bosch is Europe's leading home appliance brand. Consumers worldwide associate the brand with efficient functionality, reliable quality and an internationally acclaimed design. Treating people and nature with respect, reflected not least in the guiding principle of "technology for life", is a matter of course for Bosch. This can be seen, among other things, in sustainable products and resource-friendly processes.

In this networked world, Bosch follows the aim of developing simple and intuitive solutions that are always useful. Based on this principle, Bosch offers its customers inspiring and high-quality products and promises to treat data in a respectful manner, as well as make your life easier.


Siemens is the top German household appliance brand and sets benchmarks worldwide in terms of technology, innovation and design. Its product range comprises both freestanding and built-in appliances in the product categories cooking, laundry, refrigeration, freezing and dishwashing. Consumer products with a focus on coffee preparation and floor cleaning complete the offer. For more than 165 years, the name Siemens has stood for performance, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality. Siemens is also a world leader when it comes to the development and manufacture of household appliances that use resources efficiently.

The digitalisation and networking of appliances is an important trend in modern households. Siemens Home Appliances acknowledges this trend and offers its customers the fascinating comfort of remotely controlling their appliances – any time and even when away from home.