Exceptionally smart: Control your home appliances with Home Connect and Alexa

Kitchen with Siemens appliances, Amazon Echo Show placed on the kitchen counter in front

Too much on your mind? Let Amazon Alexa and Home Connect do some of that thinking for you, while you take care of personally important things. Home Connect lets you effortlessly control connected home appliances via Amazon devices such as Echo and Echo Show. Depending on the available skills, you can communicate with Alexa via voice and use the display for the interaction with your connected appliances. Start programs, change appliance settings, receive status updates and notifications or create individual routines.

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When you talk, she hears you. Communicating directly with Alexa

Thanks to the Home Connect Skills, you can use your voice for an easy interaction with your connected appliances at home. From very simple dialogues to very personalized interaction with Alexa and your connected appliance, Alexa will listen to your needs and will try her best to simplify your household work.

Amazon Echo Show in Siemens kitchen in front of connected oven

Need support in your daily life? Ask Alexa to assist you

Home Connect Skills enable Alexa to communicate directly with your connected home appliances.

Would you like to turn on the coffee machine and enjoy your favorite coffee? Just say: “Alexa, tell my coffee machine to turn on” and follow it up with: "Alexa, tell my coffee machine I want a large, strong Cappuccino."

Trying to find a quiet moment at home? Alexa can help you out. If you want to reduce the noise level of the running dishwasher program to, say, a minimum for 30 minutes, just say: "Alexa, ask my dishwasher to start silence on demand" and enjoy your peaceful afternoon.

Bosch washer with Home Connect, command to ask the washer when it will ready.

Want to know what is going on in your home?

Alexa will find out for you. Ask: “Alexa, ask my washer for the status

and she’ll let you know how long the washing machine in the basement has been running for. Need to know when it will finish? “Alexa, ask my washer when the laundry will be done.

Just a few words and you are all caught up.

Vegetables are being cut on a kitchen counter, lights dimmed, Amazon Echo Show next to cutting board with screen to prepare lasagne.

The best way to prepare a lasagna in your oven? Alexa can help

What temperature? Direct heat or steam? When it comes to oven settings, it sometimes might be hard to figure out what and when would work best. Fortunately, Amazon Alexa is always there to help you, whether it’s your next culinary masterpiece or a quick and simple supper. Ask Alexa how to prepare fresh lasagna, and she’ll recommend the best settings for your oven. And she may start it too – just ask her.

Favorites – the best way to discover dishes you will love coming back to

Cookit, the food processor from Bosch, was designed from the ground up to be both fun and easy to use. With Alexa’s assistance, cooking with Cookit becomes even more of a delight. Browse dozens of recipes to suit every taste, follow intuitive directions that all but guarantee your success and soon you’ll discover dishes to fall in love with. And when that happens, you can easily save them as favorites in the Home Connect app– just use the heart button in the recipe and ask Alexa to show you your favorites.

Lady kneeing in front of her dishwasher in the kitchen placing a dishwasher tab in the dishwasher.

Running low on dishwasher tabs? Alexa’s already on it

No more unexpected trips to the grocery or drug store with the service from Alexa. Once Alexa detects the number of dishwasher tabs has dropped below the limit, she can automatically reorder new tabs for you. Alexa can also remind you besides email also via voice and send a notification from Amazon Shopping to your echo device with a refill offer. At this point, Alexa will ask you whether you’d like to add it to your cart. Once you agree, you can review the details and complete the purchase at your convenience. Simple, but effective.

Learn more about all the Home Connect Skills for Alexa and get support from here

Smart voice: Routines with Amazon Alexa!

Thanks to Home Connect and Amazon Alexa, your connected appliances can directly communicate with one another and be combined into customizable Alexa routines. Set specific triggers to start your routine – it might be a voice command or a different condition, like time. Alexa will then automatically execute a set of pre-planned actions, opening up new possibilities for your smart home. Visit the Alexa Skills Store and search for “Home Connect” to find out more.

Ask Alexa to be your daily routine helper!

With Routines, Amazon Alexa and Home Connect help make the most out of smart home appliances. Whether it’s to help you get up in the morning, do a better job around the house, or in the kitchen: Routines can be used in a wide range of situations, always bringing the little extra convenience to your life.

How does it work? First you set up a trigger – the event which makes the Routine start. To see what appliance-based actions are available to you, go to Alexa’s routine section – they will be listed there along with other actions provided by Alexa, such as playing music.

Lady laying in her bed with a coffee drink in her hands smiling. Smartphone with screen of routine in Alexa App in the foreground.

Wake up with a simple „Alexa, start my day” routine – your coffee machine will be turned on and can brew your favorite coffee while you’re having a shower. Later in the day, you may set up a different routine for a midday coffee break, choosing a different beverage from a variety of coffee specialties. What else? A routine to preheat your oven ahead of dinner? Why not! Personalized routines can be created for any type of event – the only limit is your ingenuity.

See our step by step instructions on how to set up routines on our Support Page.


Amazon Alexa Downloads & Skills

In addition to Echo, Amazon provides a free app – a ''companion". Additional settings can be made using this companion. This is also where you will find the Skill Store for all Alexa Skills.

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