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Health and enjoyment start with fresh food. Whether you like to stroll through the weekly market to hunt down crisp vegetables or prefer to get your vitamins from the supermarket, at the end of the day, a refrigerator and freezer set to the right temperature are vital when it comes to keeping your food fresh for as long as possible.

How Home Connect works for refrigerators and freezers

Smart Home Connect refrigerators and freezers from Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, and NEFF help you to enjoy tasty and nutritious food. When networked with the Home Connect app, they become both an expert on freshness and a useful shopping assistant.

The Home Connect app provides you with tips on how to store your food correctly in your refrigerator and freezer and how to set your appliances to the perfect temperature. It's really practical: The refrigeration and freezing levels can be set individually using the app – anywhere and at any time.

A quick glance at the Home Connect app is enough for you to see which foods are still available in your intelligent refrigerator and which you need to buy in.

Discover more practical features offered by refrigeration appliances with the Home Connect function.

Discover smart appliance functions with the Demo Appliance feature in Home Connect app.

Experience smart appliances without owning them

Have you ever thought about what makes Home Connect so smart? Well, there’s a brilliant way to find it out for yourself. The Demo Appliance feature on the Home Connect app allows you to discover all the smart appliance functions without you needing to own one. Simply download the app and add a demo appliance from one of the categories – let’s say a dishwasher – and experience the Home Connect functions first-hand.

Camera function of the Home Connect app on smartphone

Your food stocks in your smart refrigerator at a glance

With the Home Connect app, you know what food you already have at home. Simply take a look at the app to see whether you need to buy in more food or whether your refrigerator is already well stocked.

Two cameras integrated into the refrigerator take a photo each time the refrigerator door is closed. This image is then encrypted and sent directly to your smartphone via the Home Connect app. This means that you know what's in your refrigerator at all times.

The image shows the inside of a refrigerator with the Home Connect function.

Remote control for your smart refrigerator

The Home Connect app helps you to save energy. You can use the remote control to set the temperature. If you go away for a few days, you can place your appliance into holiday mode. This works wherever you are, as long as you have WiFi. You can also use ECO mode to ensure sufficient refrigeration along with top energy efficiency.

If your refrigerator is not closed properly, you'll immediately get a message on your smartphone.

Flash-frozen vegetables

Flash-freezing for a vitamin boost

It's great that some freezers have a Super Freeze setting. This allows you to quickly chill your food or drinks in order to retain all of their vitamins and nutrients. Super Freeze can be activated using the Home Connect app.

With Super Freeze, you balance out the temperature fluctuations that occur when you place food or drinks at room temperature into the freezer.

A full open Home Connect refrigerator

Storing food correctly in your smart refrigerator

Whether it's vegetables, meat, or dairy – each type of food has its ideal conditions for storage in a refrigerator. The Home Connect app retains a clear overview of the correct way to store various foods and adjusts the temperature in your refrigerator – even remotely.

In the Home Connect app, you'll repeatedly find cool new tips and solutions for shopping, foods, and your smart refrigerator.

Our brands, your possibilities

More ideas for your smart kitchen

More options with our partners

Our partners have a host of inspirational ideas for you when it comes to eating and recipes – and they'll help you to comfortably coordinate your kitchen appliances. Find out how systems with Home Connect work here.

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Cleverly combined with IFTTT

With the app IFTTT, you can connect your refrigeration appliances with your other smart appliances – in precisely the way you want.


Connect your appliance with the app

You can connect your smart refrigeration appliances with the Home Connect app really easily and get started straight away. In the pairing finder, we show you how to do this.

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Smart planning – sustainable living with the Home Connect app

The Home Connect app transports you into the future of modern living. You can use it to control WiFi-enabled smart kitchen appliances by Bosch and other home appliance brands with your smartphone and tablet.

In addition, the Home Connect app always provides you with plenty of inspiration. You can discover recipes, shopping ideas, recommendations, and tips for getting the most out of your home appliances.

It shows you how to make purchases sustainably to avoid wasting valuable food.

The app is intuitive to operate and your dashboard is designed to be simple.

Use the demo appliances right now to see how you can control appliances with the Home Connect app – even if you haven't yet connected an appliance up to Home Connect.

How the Home Connect app works

Discover the Home Connect app and test the demo appliances.

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Frequently asked questions

What can a smart refrigerator do?

Smart refrigerators with the Home Connect function help you to save energy. Their modern sensor technology keeps an eye on the technical processes. For example, the temperature of your smart refrigerator or freezer can be selected individually in order to reduce electricity consumption. Integrated cameras work via the Home Connect app to tell you when food in your refrigerator is running low. The app also tells you if your refrigerator or freezer door hasn't been closed properly.

Can I retrofit my own refrigeration appliances?

Retrofitting is possible but not recommended. A solution installed later on is relatively expensive and often does not include the same features as a solution that is integrated from the start. The Home Connect appliances are tailored to each other and networked via the app. You must therefore check carefully before exchanging or adding electronics.

What technology is necessary to use the Home Connect app?

Home Connect only works with smart refrigeration appliances from Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, and NEFF that are designed for this functionality. In the Smart Home Appliances area, you can find out which home appliance types work with Home Connect. The Home Connect app can be used on smartphones and tablets and requires a WiFi connection. You can control your home appliances using multiple smart devices.

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Even smarter together: The Home Connect partners

Home Connect is compatible with lots of applications and services. For you, this means more choice and more ideas. Thanks to numerous possible combinations, you can repeatedly redesign your home and use additional functions.

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We'd be happy to help: Home Connect support

Do you have any questions about Home Connect issues? In our support area, you'll find help with the setup and functions of home appliances with Home Connect as well as help with partner services.

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