Because everyone is unique: Your own applications with IFTTT and Home Connect

Home Connect app together with an IFTTT recipe

Thanks to IFTTT (If This Then That), you can connect a large number of services and devices that you use on a daily basis – such as Home Connect appliances. These connections and/or application scenarios, or quite simply "recipes", are created by a simple instruction: If This Then That. "This" is the trigger and "that" is an action which is triggered as a result. If, for example, the washing machine has finished, my Philips Hue light should flash. Thus IFTTT and Home Connect enable countless personal applications to be created which are tailored precisely to your needs.

Compatible with the following appliance categories

There are already over 650 possibilities

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Your creativity will know no bounds

The list of predefined Applets (automated rules or application scenarios) that you can use with IFTTT already include over 650 application scenarios. These Applets are largely created by other users or also by manufacturers. With IFTTT standard you can create up to 3 own Applets and turn on unlimited number of Applets.

IFTTT Pro to explore even more

In addition to the standard version users of IFTTT Pro can create unlimited new own Applets according to their preferences. Also users can create Multi-Step Applets with conditional logic and queries.

To inspire you in terms of what Home Connect and IFTTT is already capable of, we have put together a few examples below with which you can organise your daily routine to make it stylish, imaginative and, above all, convenient.

Logos von Home Connect und IFTTT

Discover existing applications

There are already numerous "recipes" created by other Home Connect users which you can use directly. Discover the variants that are available to you for your Home Connect appliances linked to IFTTT.

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