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Welcome to Home Connect and to a whole new way of life.

How does it work?

With Home Connect, you can control your home appliances easily:
From the washing machine to the oven, to the coffee machine or the vacuum cleaner.

The Home Connect app gives you access to all the relevant information at any time. It can not only switch your appliances on and off, it can also select programs, adjust timers, set appliances to eco mode and much more.

Find out how Home Connect can help your household become more efficient and safer at the touch of a button. With Home Connect, you not only have the extensive functions of the app available to you, but also those of the connected partner services of the Home Connect ecosystem.

Appliance Brands with Home Connect

Find out which home appliances you can control with Home Connect.

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Connect your home appliance

Simply connect and get started: in just a few steps, connection guide helps you to find the right QR code for your home appliance so that you can start the connection process.

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Home Connect partners

You can connect Home Connect to a range of digital services and systems. Discover all of our partners here, and get inspiration on how to make your home smarter.

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Help and Support

Do you have any technical questions about installing or setting up your home appliance? Or would you like to get information on using Home Connect with partner services? We are happy to assist you: You can find the answers to your questions here.


Discover the Home Connect app

With a single app, you can control all of your home appliances, even if you're out and about. Test the demo appliances in the app now.

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Home Connect App for Smartwatches

Do you have a smartwatch? Get your favorite coffee, turn on the dishwasher, or preheat the oven for dinner with just one press of a button on your smartwatch – all in a matter of seconds! Download the Home Connect app for smartwatches now and keep an eye on your household at all times.

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