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There’s more to Home Connect than meets the eye. News from the world of smart appliances, useful tips for household management and lots of inspiration to make your life easier every day – it’s just a small sample of what the app has to offer.

How to connect your appliances to the app

Are you already using your home appliances via the Home Connect app? This little guide is here to show you how you can carry all your smart home appliances in your pocket.

New: Sort your appliances as needed

Would be nice to see the most used appliances displayed first, right? That’s exactly what you can do now.

Artificial Intelligence in the kitchen of the future

Our households are becoming increasingly digital. Smart devices are finding their way into our four walls and are taking work off our hands in many places. Nevertheless, there are still questions when it comes to an intelligent, networked household. We spoke to Hoang Richter, Project Manager for Artificial Intelligence and responsible for the Series 8 oven with Artificial Intelligence from Bosch.

Indoor gardening article image: a lady taking care after plants

Indoor Gardening

Have you ever dreamed of growing your own food, or owning a farm? Do your eyes sparkle at the mention of an allotment? While many aspects of a lifestyle decorated with haystacks and horses might be far out of reach, one part of the dream is very much achievable: growing your own food.

Baking a fish using appliances with Home Connect

Cuisine routine

Are you a cooking novice confronted with restaurants everywhere closing? You’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll give you top tips to re-energize your cuisine routine during self-isolation, this is the season where you become a seasoned chef.

Preserving food without waste.

Going Zero Waste with Home Connect

What can we do as individuals to reduce household waste?

Besides the obvious things, such as separating waste and avoiding plastics, there are a number of steps each one of us can take to ensure that we leave a planet behind that is livable for generations to come. Reducing household waste with the help of home appliances with Home Connect is one of them.

Ingridients from various cuisines.

Local superfoods

For some the word ‘superfood’ conjures the image of Popeye with his can of spinach, for others it brings to mind colorful health bowls densely packed with vitamins and vegetables. Over the years as new foods have come in and out of fashion we have also seen huge ecological and social impacts on origin countries.

Home Office with Home Connect

Home Office with Home Connect

We prepared a couple of tips that will help you make the most out of home office. Working smart beats working hard – and we know a thing or two about smart stuff ;)


When Mini-Houses Make It Big

When it comes to your own four walls, bigger usually means better. Who wouldn't want more space, storage and comfort? Well, not people who are part of the Tiny House movement in the USA, defined by living within 400sq feet of living space. But why should you squeeze your whole life into such a small space? Well, there are some very good reasons.

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