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Do you also love to pamper your guests with a stylishly laid table that truly does justice to your menu?

An efficient dishwasher that lets plates, glasses, and cutlery really shine is worth its weight in gold. Dishwashers with the Home Connect function shine not only when it comes to their results. They also think for you even before the wash cycle and make doing the dishes simple and energy-efficient.

How a smart dishwasher with Home Connect works

Obviously, you still have to load the dishes yourself, but your Home Connect dishwasher takes care of everything else. The EasyStart assistant in the app helps with the automatic selection of the correct programme depending on the items being washed and the volume. When the Home Connect dishwasher is done, it turns itself off and sends you a notification. That's what makes it so energy-efficient.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at the possibilities that your Home Connect dishwasher from Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, or NEFF has to offer.

Discover smart appliance functions with the Demo Appliance feature in Home Connect app.

Experience smart appliances without owning them

Have you ever thought about what makes Home Connect so smart? Well, there’s a brilliant way to find it out for yourself. The Demo Appliance feature on the Home Connect app allows you to discover all the smart appliance functions without you needing to own one. Simply download the app and add a demo appliance from one of the categories – let’s say a dishwasher – and experience the Home Connect functions first-hand.

The app's EasyStart assistant on a smartphone

Always the right programme – Home Connect dishwashers

Thanks to the EasyStart Assistant in the app, you never have to think about which programme to use to clean your dishes. The intelligent dishwasher automatically chooses the right programme for you – depending on the type of dishes, amount, and how dirty they are. You can keep an eye on progress at all times with the Home Connect app.

Detailed display of a smart dishwasher from Siemens

Energy-efficient appliances, smart functions

Smart dishwashers from Siemens and other home appliance brands really save on water and energy. In the case of the Siemens models, the integrated AquaSensor regulates water consumption depending on the type and degree of soiling, using as little water as possible.

In addition, with varioSpeed Plus, you get clean and dry tableware in a third of the normal time. This is really useful if you need clean dishes again quickly.

An open dishwasher with Emotion Light Pro

A lively display of colours in the kitchen

The dishwasher provides clean tableware – and can even create a special mood in your kitchen via the app. Selected dishwashers with Emotion Light Pro ensure a magical atmosphere. Powerful LEDs at the top of the door frame provide interior light that you can adapt to the atmosphere of your room: You choose the colour and intensity, perhaps to match the light of your extractor hood, for example.

A hand placing a wine glass into a Home Connect dishwasher.

A dishwasher that thinks for you

With your smart dishwasher, you have an assistant that keeps you up-to-date. Once connected to the Home Connect app, it updates you on the status of its wash programme.

To ensure consistently shining results, you should run a special cleaning and care programme on a regular basis. This keeps your dishwasher in top condition. Your app can remind you when the time has come.

A smiling woman uses the Home Connect app while sitting on a sofa.

How many dishwasher tabs are left?

If your rinse aid or dishwasher tabs are running out, you can also find this out via the app.

Use the tab counter in the app for this. Here, you can enter how many tabs are in a pack and the app will count down as tabs are used.

When the pack is nearing empty, you will be reminded to replace the tabs.

Our brands, your possibilities

More ideas for your smart kitchen

Start your dishwasher from wherever you are via your phone or tablet with the Home Connect app.

No more coming home to dirty dishes

Forgot to turn on the dishwasher before you left home? Now, you can start the cycle via your phone, tablet, or smart watch. From washing machines and ovens to vacuum cleaners and dishwashers, Home Connect enables you to control all your smart home appliance with just one tap, wherever you are.

Controlling Home Connect dishwashers with the app

Did you forget to turn on the dishwasher in the morning? It's no problem thanks to Home Connect. If you have activated remote start, just send the command through the app to your smart Home Connect dishwasher while you are already sitting at the office. Your clean dishes will be waiting for you when you come home. Your dishwasher will shut itself off automatically after its job is done.

You can use the app to control your WiFi-enabled dishwasher with your smartphone or table. For example, you can enter the type or degree of soiling on your tableware and the app will recommend the perfect programme. No longer do you have to worry about which wash programme to choose; your appliance automatically chooses the most efficient and energy-saving option. You can even be reminded that your dishwasher tabs are about to run out.

The app is intuitive to operate and the dashboard is designed to be simple. You can adapt it to your needs at any time.

Use the demo appliances right now to see how you can control appliances with the Home Connect app – even if you haven't yet connected an appliance up to Home Connect.

Display of the Home Connect app

Discover the Home Connect app and test the demo appliances.

Learn more about the Home Connect app


A man at a desk with a laptop

Analysis and service via remote diagnostics

Do you need an engineer because your dishwasher is not running as well as usual? Just call the Home Connect hotline and you will be connected directly to customer service.

With your permission, the customer service representative can access your smart dishwasher online and start remote diagnostics. Normally, the error message can be retrieved and the problem solved in this way. If an engineer does need to come in person, he or she can use the remote diagnostics analysis data to prepare for maintenance tasks or repairs on your appliance. This saves you both time and money.

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Frequently asked questions

What can a smart dishwasher do?

All smart Home Connect dishwashers from Bosch are designed to save energy. Their modern sensor technology keeps an eye on the wash cycle. The EasyStart assistant in the app automatically selects the most efficient programme, and varioSpeed Plus and the AquaSensor ensure that less electricity and water are used.

Once connected to the Home Connect app, you can start your smart dishwasher, view its washing status, and be reminded that you need to run a cleaning cycle or that the tabs are about to run out – at any time and even when out and about.

Can I retrofit my own dishwasher?

Retrofitting is possible but not recommended. A solution installed later on is relatively expensive and often does not include the same features as a solution that is integrated from the start. Home appliances with Home Connect are tailored to each other and connected via the app. You must therefore check carefully before exchanging or adding electronics.

What technology is necessary to use the Home Connect app?

Home Connect only works with a smart dishwasher that is designed for this functionality. In the Smart Home Appliances area, you can find out which home appliance types work with Home Connect. The Home Connect app can be used on smartphones and tablets and requires a WiFi connection for the one-time pairing of your home appliances ( see the pairing finder ). Otherwise, you can operate the app from your mobile network, too. Your home appliances can also be controlled from multiple smart devices.

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