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Working from home has many advantages: you can skip the daily commute and nobody will ever know if you joined that important call while still in pyjamas. That being said, there are some downsides to it. Some of us can’t imagine a day at work without a dose of watercooler talk. Others may find it difficult to stay motivated throughout the day.

With that in mind, we prepared a couple of tips that will help you make the most out of home office. Working smart beats working hard – and we know a thing or two about smart stuff ;)

Home office or not, nobody likes to get out of bed too early. We all hit the snooze button to snatch those couple of extra minutes in sheets. But what if hitting the snooze button actually led you not back to sleep, but… to a cup of coffee? Well, it’s not impossible: using Home Connect and the IFTTT app you can create an automated applet, which will tell your coffee maker to start brewing a cup of coffee at the first ring of the alarm clock.

Home Office with Home Connect

Coffee will get your workday started, but nothing can keep you going better than a good lunch. And since you’re staying home anyway, why not whip up something quick and delicious? It's a healthier option than ordering a takeaway – and provides a much-needed break from the routine of work. If you need a culinary inspiration, there’s plenty of great recipes in the Home Connect app. And don’t worry about getting your dish out of the oven on time – even if you'll get a bit too absorbed with work, the app won’t.

Home office means spending a lot of time indoors – and sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air. Those of us who struggle with allergies to pollens will certainly appreciate the cooker hood with Home Connect. Now, thanks to the partnership with cair – the creators of a smart air quality sensor – a hood with Home Connect can automatically detect when the pollen concentration in your home is too high and reduce it to the normal level. That’s one distraction less.

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And speaking of distractions: juggling home chores and professional work can be a minefield of such problems. A laundry finishing in the middle of an absorbing task can certainly by a major concentration breaker – so why not plan it out a bit more efficiently? With the Home Connect app you can set it up before work and make sure that it finishes just in time for your lunch break. A well planned day is a recipe for a chore-free evening.

These are just a few of many tricks that may help you thrive in the home office. There’s no one-fits-all formula for working from home, but hopefully, you can use these ideas to build up your own routine. Good luck!

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