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Preserving food without waste
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About ten years ago, when the Zero Waste Movement emerged, it was seen as a bohemian lifestyle choice that was far removed from reality. “Zero Waste Home”, a book that began as a blog, first applied the concept of responsible consumption to the household. It didn’t take long until bloggers and media outlets introduced the principle to the mainstream and started a global movement. Today, both individuals and corporations are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility when it comes to reducing the impact that waste production has on the environment.

What can we do as individuals to reduce household waste?

Besides the obvious things, such as separating waste and avoiding plastics, there are a number of steps each one of us can take to ensure that we leave a planet behind that is livable for generations to come. Reducing household waste with the help of home appliances with Home Connect is one of them.

Proper way of preserving vegetables.

Our connected household appliances make it easy to store food and keep it refrigerated at the ideal temperature, resulting in food that stays fresh for longer and thus creates less waste. Home Connect's app allows you to stay on top of things, even when you’re shopping for groceries. Thanks to in-built cameras, you can see at a glance if you’re short of anything.

Preserving food in fridge with the help of Home Connect

Going on vacation? Save energy by switching to "Vacation Mode" via the app. The fridge temperature switches to +14°C. You should not store groceries in the fridge during this time. Our smart storage guide is another useful feature, as it gives you hints, on which shelves you should store certain foods. The app can come up with recipes based on what's in your fridge.

Besides smart refrigeration and eco programs for your washer or dryer, features such as “Program Assistant” and “Smart Dry” (Bosch) / “intelligentDry” (Siemens) are also there to help you use less energy and therefore reduce the impact your household has on the environment.

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