How to connect your appliances to the app

How to connect home appliance to the app
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Are you already using your home appliances via the Home Connect app? This little guide is here to show you how you can carry all your smart appliances in your pocket. Why should you do that? We’re happy you’re asking:

Voice control your appliances
Your voice will be heard. Control your smart devices via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa using voice commands.

Manage your appliances on the go
Want to quick start your dishwasher, preheat your oven, or control your robot vacuum cleaner on the go? All this and more can be done in the app from anywhere.

Know all the tricks
Fed up with your daily routine? Take it easy, with time-saving tips, appliance hacks and endless inspiration. Create a smart home that perfectly matches your lifestyle, with the Home Connect app.

Save your coffee preferences or monitor your fridge’s contents? Find out what your home appliance can do once it’s connected to the Home Connect app.

How to connect your home appliance to the Home Connect app

The Quick Start Guide which comes with your appliance includes a QR code that lets you connect your appliance to the app. No problem if you don’t have it with you right now. Our Connection Guide helps you connect your home appliance in three steps:

1. Create an account

If you haven’t already done so, create your personal Home Connect account. Simply tap the profile icon in the top right corner of your home screen. Now enter a few details and click on the e-mail confirmation link to complete your registration. Skip this step if you are already logged in.

2. Select your appliance

Look for your home appliance in our connection guide. Choose the product category, brand and model if needed. Whoop-dee-doo! A QR code is generated for you.

3. Follow the link and finalize connection

Tap the button “Open the app”. Once you’ve been directed to the app, your home appliance will find your Wi-Fi network and the connection process will be finalized. You can now enjoy all the advantages of Home Connect to the fullest.