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Dishes which tell a story.

Bring variety to your food and to your menu. From Japanese cheesecake to hearty gnocchi – find your favourite dish amongst the abundance of recipes. Elevate your culinary skills to a new level and impress your family and friends. Make your food into an experience. Be inspired by new recipes and try them out straight away. Every recipe is guaranteed to be a success thanks to simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. From salad to dessert: Tell short stories with your dishes and make your dinner a taste experience for you, your family and your friends.

Make kitchen history

Inspired recipes just waiting to be cooked

As a passionate cook, you love cooking for your friends and like to try out new dishes – but sometimes you simply lack ideas. What about a bit of inspiration from Kitchen Stories? With the app, not only can you can discover a large number of recipes, you can also save these directly in your very own cookbook. Want to make homemade tortellini with a mushroom and ricotta filling for dinner tonight? With just one click, you can add all the necessary ingredients in exactly the right quantities to your shopping list. With Kitchen Stories, not only can you easily produce creative dishes, you can simultaneously create complete cooking experiences which your nearest and dearest will be talking about for years to come.

Your kitchen: A gourmet restaurant

Cook like a gourmet chef – including unusual dishes: With the simple and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions from Kitchen Stories, you will receive assistance with photos or videos during the entire preparation time. And that's not all by any means. From the basics through to unique cutting techniques: Elevate your culinary skills to a completely new level with plenty of cooking tips and impress your family and friends.

Kitchen Stories – a global success story

Kitchen Stories – a startup founded in Berlin – has accomplished what only a few new innovative service providers have been able to. Within a very short period of time, the food platform has developed into a successful business worth millions with users all over the world. For founders Mengting Gao and Verena Hubertz, it was important to bring unique cooking experiences back into home kitchens using video-based recipe ideas and the latest technologies. And that is what they have more than succeeded in doing. And is not only the users who are impressed – both Google and Apple have rated it as one of the best apps.

Download the Kitchen Stories app now

With Kitchen Stories, you get a free app which is perfectly matched to your Home Connect appliances. Start your very own cookbook and surprise your nearest and dearest with exceptional dishes from all over the world, which you can easily cook perfectly.

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