Voice Assistants

Your voice assistant can help you with cooking, washing and much more

You often have both your hands full when doing the household tasks. You should therefore welcome your little home assistant. Have your cooking recipes read out to you, heat up the oven or simply start your washer via voice command. Your voice assistant will not only help you with the cooking and washing – if you wish, it will also talk to you about the weather or other topics so that you can keep both hands free.

Amazon Alexa

Home Connect and Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, tell My Coffee Machine to prepare a large extra strong Cappuccino and start now."

Control your home using your voice with Amazon Alexa and Home Connect.

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Google Assistant

Home Connect and Google Assistant

"Ok Google, start my dishwasher”. Home Connect enabled appliances work with the Google Assistant for hand-free help around the house.

More about the Google Assistant

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