Legal notice for the Home Connect app

Here you can find the legal notice for the provider, the Terms of Use and the Data Privacy Policy for the Home Connect app.

Home Connect App Privacy Policy United States

The company BSH Home Appliances Corporation, 1901 Main Street, Suite 600, Irvine, CA 92614 (hereinafter "Home Connect" or "we") is responsible for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information and other data associated with the Home Connect app (hereinafter "App"). You can view and save the text of this Privacy Statement at any time under “Settings” of the Home Connect App. Any capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the definition set out in such Terms of Use.

The following information explains how we treat such personal information and other data.

1. Types of Personal Information

“Personal Information” means information about an identifiable individual.

Home Connect collects, uses and discloses the following types of Personal Information and other data related to App users and usage of the App.

a. User Master Data

The Personal Information that we collect and use for the purpose of setting up a user Account (registration) are as follows (collectively “User Master Data”):

● Personal Information that you provide during the registration process, such as:

– first and last name,

– email address (user ID),

– the province and country in which you operate your household appliance(s),

– password as access protection, and

– other information you choose to provide.

The details requested as part of the registration process may differ from country to country.

● Personal Information that we collect and use during the registration process:

– language setting of your mobile device,

– your acceptance of the Terms of Use and acknowledgement of this Privacy Policy ,

– consent related to other aspects of the App or services, such as the “Integrated Services for Nest”,

– status of the user account (activated/deactivated),

– default app tracking setting (depending on the country selection, see item 7 below for more information).

b. Appliance Master Data

The data we collect and use concerning the connection between your household appliance and the user account are as follows (collectively, “Appliance Master Data”):

– brand of the household appliance (e.g. Bosch),

– serial number and, if applicable, manufacture date of the appliance (so-called E number (full model) and FD (production) number – you can also find these details on the device label),

– the unique identifier of the network adapter installed in the household appliance (so-called MAC address).

These data are allocated to your user account for each connected household appliance under the "Home Connect" function.

c. Appliance Usage Data

The data we collect and use in relation to the usage of the household appliance are as follows (collectively “Appliance Usage Data”):

● certain settings and preferences, including program selection and preferred program settings, on the household Appliance or via the App,

● appliance status data such as ambient conditions, condition of parts, changes in Appliance status (e.g. different mode of operation, open or closed doors/front panel, temperature changes, fill levels) and appliance status messages (e.g. appliance is overheated, water tank is empty, etc.).

● video and image data (e.g. refrigerators with built-in camera)

d. App usage data

App usage data are data generated by your interaction with the App, such as the features you use, click behaviour relevant to App controls, drop-down menu selections, and on/off switch settings. See item 7 for more information.

De-identified Appliance Master Data, which cannot reasonably be used to identify you, is kept indefinitely for analysis and product improvement purposes.

2. Purposes

We use information we collect for the following purposes:

● to provide App features as well as the services offered via the App,

● to fix bugs,

● to improve the App's user experience,

● to improve our range of products and services, especially with regard to programs which are not used and/or which are frequently used, besides other App and household appliance features , and

● for marketing purposes.

3. General storage periods

Provided there are no statutory provisions to the contrary, the following general storage periods shall apply:

a. User Master Data: Deletion as soon as the user Account is deleted.

b. Appliance Master Data: Removal of link to the user Account upon removing the household appliance from the user Account.

c. Appliance Usage Data:User-specific storage for a period of ten (10) days. If you have consented to receive marketing, we retain user-specific storage until you withdraw that consent.

d. App usage data: Storage in pseudonymized form as long as the "Enable usage-data tracking" function is activated.

4. Data processing management

You can use the “Settings” function to control data processing operations through the App; however, some of your choices may reduce the functionality of the App.

a. Connectivity of your household appliance

You can use the App to manage household appliance connectivity:

● You can set up the connection to the Home Connect server in such a way that each household appliance is connected separately (menu item Settings  Connectivity settings). After doing this:

– the Appliance Usage Data (1.c.) will no longer be transmitted to the Home Connect server,

– certain App features will no longer be available; in particular the household appliance will not operate outside the reach of the WiFi connection, even if an internet data link is set up.

● You can switch off the WLAN connection for an individual household appliance (menu item Settings  Connectivity settings). After doing this:

– the appliance usage data (1.c.) will no longer be transmitted to the Home Connect server,

– the household appliance may only be operated from the appliance itself, not via the App.

b. User accounts and local App data

You can manage your user accounts via the App and delete locally stored Appliance Usage Data.

● You can delete your user account ("Settings"  "My account"  "Delete user account"). After doing this:

– the connection between your household appliance and your user account will be deleted,

– your household appliance will no longer send any appliance usage data to the Home Connect server provided no other user accounts are linked to the household appliance (see item 1.b. above).

● Deleting the App also removes all information locally stored in the App installed on your device.

c. The household appliance's factory settings

You can reset your household appliance to its factory settings, but please read your household appliance's user manual before restoring the factory settings.

Reverting to factory settings will erase user preferences. After doing this:

● the household appliance will lose its connection to the Home Connect server due to the network settings being reset,

● the household appliance will no longer be linked to any previously associated user account (requires the household appliance to be connected to the Internet) and it will not be displayed in the App.

5. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We work together with various service providers and other partners to create and run the App and provide the respective services, including but not limited to those set out in Sections 7 to 9 below (“Third-Party Service Providers”). Personal Information may be used by or transferred or disclosed to Third-Party Service Providers or their subcontractors in providing the Services. When Home Connect uses such Third-Party Service Providers, Home Connect will have appropriate contractual provisions in place with to limit the collection, use and disclosure of any Personal Information being transferred to them.

6. Location of processing and information

Personal Information collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy may be transferred to, processed in and stored in the following jurisdictions: United States, all member states of the European Union. The privacy laws in such other jurisdictions may differ from U.S. privacy laws and your Personal Information may be accessible to governmental authorities, law enforcement authorities, or the courts.

Should you relocate your Appliance outside of the U.S. or use the App outside of the U.S., you may be subject to different terms of use and a different privacy policy or data protection statement.

7. Recording App usage

Data on App usage can be recorded by the App (see item 1.d. above). In this context, the Adobe Analytics service is used, which is offered by Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited, 4-6 Riverwalk, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24, Republic of Ireland (hereinafter "Adobe").

If you activate the "Enable usage-data tracking" feature of the App, App Usage Data will be sent to and stored in an Adobe server in the UK. The App usage data enable you to analyse how you use the App (see item 1.d. above). IP anonymization is activated for this App, which means that the IP address you use is truncated before being sent to the server. Adobe will use this App Usage Data on behalf of Home Connect to evaluate how you use the App and to prepare reports on App activity for Home Connect. The IP address transmitted from your mobile device within the context of Adobe Analytics will not be merged with other data held by Adobe or Home Connect without your express consent.

You can control whether or not App usage data (incl. your IP address) is recorded and processed by Adobe by activating or deactivating the function "Enable usage-data tracking".

8. Error reports

We use HockeyApp ( to collect and send anonymous error reports if the App behaves in an unexpected way, especially if the App crashes. Our service providers and Home Connect shall receive error reports only with your explicit consent through the App. We shall ask for your consent each time we wish to convey such information.

9. Data security

We deploy reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Information, for example, from manipulation, loss and unauthorised third-party access. These measures include the use of encoding technologies, certificates, firewalls on the Home Connect server and password protection on the Home Connect App.

If your mobile device is sold or passed on to a third party, make sure to first log out of your Account and delete the App. It will then no longer be possible to (re)assign the mobile device to your user ID or Appliance. If you sell the Appliance, be sure to restore the factory settings. This will sever the link between the Appliance and your Account.

If you purchase an Appliance that was previously owned by another user, check the Account settings in the App to make sure that no unknown users are linked to the Appliance. In case of doubt, be sure to restore the factory settings to protect your Personal Information.

10. Scope of application of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy shall apply to the functions and services offered by Home Connect via the App, however it shall not apply to offers and services from Third-Party Service Providers, including Integrated Services, even if Home Connect facilitates the use of such third-party services in the App (please also see the Terms of Use with regard to third-party services). The use of such third-party services is governed by the prevailing privacy provisions put in place by the Third-Party Service Provider and, if applicable, additional disclosure on our part which outline the distinctive features of these third-party services and shall only be relevant in this respect.

You are solely responsible for reading any applicable Third-Party Service Provider privacy policy and terms of use.

Please note that your use of third-party services is governed by such third party’s privacy policy, whose practices may differ from Home Connect. We encourage you to review such third party’s privacy policies for information about their practices.

11. Multiple Users

The Home Connect App may be used by multiple users, as set out in the Terms of Use. The data sent to Third-Party Service Providers may contain Appliance Usage Data pertaining to the usage behaviour of other Appliance users.

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Home Connect may from time to time make changes to this Privacy Policy. Home Connect shall reserve the right to amend or supplement this Privacy Policy, as required, by publishing a new version here. Home Connect will always update the Privacy Policy in the App; it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the latest version, and by continuing to use the App, you are deemed to consent to any such changes in the Privacy Policy.

13. Your Choices

If, despite our efforts to store data which is correct and up-to-date, any of your Personal Information is incorrect, we shall correct such information upon your written request. After giving us your consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information, you may withdraw such consent at any time with effect for the future. Consent may generally be withdrawn using the respective App setting or otherwise through the contact information referred to in the App. However, such revocation of consent will result in reduced functionality of the App and/or prevent you from using the App altogether. With your consent, we may send promotional push notifications or alerts to your mobile device. You can elect to stop receiving these messages at any time by changing the notification settings on your mobile device. Please bear in mind that, for technical or organizational reasons, there may be an overlap between you withdrawing your consent and your Personal Information being used, e.g. in the case of a newsletter which has already been sent out. Personal Information required for billing and accountancy purposes or which are subject to the legal duty to preserve records are not affected by this.

Should you have any questions on the topic of data protection or should you wish to exercise your rights to withdraw consent or to information, rectification, deletion or suspension, please contact our Privacy Officer using the contact information below.

14. Complaints

You may direct a complaint concerning compliance with the Privacy Policy to Home Connect’s Privacy Officer. The complaint must be in writing. Within a reasonable time of receipt of the complaint, the Privacy Officer will conduct an investigation into the complaint. The format of this investigation will vary depending on the circumstances.

After the investigation into the complaint, Home Connect may take appropriate measures necessary to rectify the source of the complaint if it is necessarily required.

Within a reasonable time of conclusion of the investigation, the Privacy Officer will inform you either verbally or in writing, of the result of its investigation into your complaint and any appropriate measures Home Connect will take to rectify the source of the complaint if necessarily required.

Date of issue: June 2018

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