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Shopping & Ordering

You don't have to think of everything – let your smart home appliances take care of one or more of these tasks. For example, what if your dishwasher automatically re-ordered dishwasher tablets and had them delivered directly to your door? The path to automated ordering and time-saving shopping processes for your home has already been laid. We are continually working on actively supporting you in your everyday life with intelligent ordering and shopping solutions.

Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

Thanks to the automated ordering service, your dishwasher knows what it needs to do. And the app independently orders dishwasher tablets before you run out.

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Finish 365

Finish solves all your dishwashing problems. Now available at the press of a button and delivered free to your home without you having to worry about ordering.

More about Finish 365

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Optimise your energy consumption and save money.

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