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Simple and straightforward: Control your home at the press of a button

Imagine if your home could fulfil your wishes and follow your commands – with just one click. With Flic – the small flexible assistant for your home – this is now easy to do. Connect your Home Connect appliances to the small Bluetooth button, for example, and trigger up to three commands with one button. Whether that's in the kitchen, on the front door, on your balcony or even in the shower, you can place Flic anywhere you want and make your day-to-day life easier click by click – simple and using smart technology.

Give your home a click

Your favourite coffee – just a Flic away

Your favourite coffee is ready waiting for you when you step out of the shower – is there any better way to start the day? Place your Flic button in the shower, for example, and start your Home Connect coffee machine easily at the press of a button whilst you're still showering. Press once for a cappuccino, twice for a latte macchiato or hold the button down for a black coffee: How do you start your day?

Clean at the press of a button

It's not unusual for a few crumbs to fall onto the floor while you're cooking. What if you could activate your robot vacuum cleaner at the press of a button in order to tidy up the kitchen? One click on your Flic button and the process begins. So you can enjoy your cosy homemade dinner with your family or friends and leave the kitchen floor to your robot vacuum cleaner.

Feel at ease when you leave the house

"Have I turned the hob off?" In the future, you will no longer have to worry about such things. A Flic button on your front door will ensure – at the press of a button – that your Home Connect oven, hob or other home appliances are switched off as soon as you leave the house. Press the button and remain relaxed throughout the day.

Click and start – never miss anything again

After a tiring day, you like to unwind in the living room and enjoy your favourite film. Just as the crucial scene begins, your dryer alerts you to the fact it is ready for the drying process. So that you never miss that important high point, start the process conveniently from the sofa. One click on the Flic button next to you means your laundry is dried and you get to enjoy every minute of the film.

Make Flic your Flic

You should feel comfortable in your own home. And that is exactly why it's up to you to make it that way. With the Flic button, you can create your own applications to suit your everyday life and to meet you needs and decide for yourself what should happen with which click. Let your imagination run wild and create your own commands – with the smartest Bluetooth button for your home.

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Poți să controlezi funcțiile importante ale electrocasnicelor tale, doar cu o singură aplicație, chiar și atunci când ești plecat. Testează versiunea demo a aplicației acum - nu este nevoie să ai deja aparate cu funcția Home Connect.

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Home Connect are numeroase servicii partenere. Descoperă rețeaua noastră aflată în permanentă expansiune.

Amazon Alexa

Datorită funcționalității Amazon Alexa, Home Connect îți permite să controlezi cu ușurință aparatele electrocasnice conectate prin dispozitivele Amazon Echo sau Echo Dot.


Lasă-ți imaginația să zburde cu IFTTT. Creează-ți pur și simplu aplicațiile preferate.

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