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Coffee machines with Home Connect

A fresh coffee from an intelligent coffee machine with the Home Connect function is being made.

Perfectly brewed to every taste. Thanks to coffee machines with Home Connect, not only can you satisfy every request of your friends and family; you can also learn much more about coffee. You and your guests will now not only love your coffee, you will all also get to know new compositions and flavours.

Coffee machines with Home Connect – functions at a glance

A woman ordering her perfect coffee straight from the tablet version of the Home Connect app

Coffee machines for true connoisseurs

Look forward to having your own barista at home and order your coffee from your living room table, bed or balcony. Simply choose your favourite coffee or send a drinks playlist for your guests to your coffee machine. Thanks to the cup warmer function of the Siemens EQ.9 Connect, the machine even preheats the cups so that you can enjoy your coffee to the full.

Various speciality coffees on a table, made with a Wi-Fi-enabled Connect coffee machine

Speciality coffees from all over the world

How about something special? From Italian speciality coffees to Indian kaapi or an Australian flat white, you have an array of classic speciality coffees to choose from as well as 17 other coffee compositions from around the world.

Product illustration of a Home Connect coffee machine

Clever assistance for everyone who loves coffee specialities with milk

Milk gone off? It won't happen to you. Because selected coffee machines with Home Connect can send you a reminder if you’ve forgotten to put the milk container back in the fridge.

Coffee beans being picked from a coffee plant

Concentrated knowledge, from the coffee bean to the cup

Become a coffee expert! Get your expert knowledge straight from the app, for example on the various varieties of coffee and where they are grown.

Man performing remote diagnostics on the computer for a Home Connect appliance

Remote diagnostics: One call and we’ll analyse your appliance

Analysis and service can be this simple. Call the Home Connect hotline and arrange an appointment for remote diagnostics. With your permission, Customer Service will obtain online access to your coffee machine with Home Connect function, and may then be able to identify the cause of any problems and give you clear advice on what needs doing.

Home Connect – home appliance brands

Home Connect kitchen from Siemens, including connected washing machine and dryer

A world full of possibilities. Connected to your home.

Take the next step towards the future: Find out how connectivity can redefine your everyday life. With Siemens and Home Connect. This connectivity provides countless possibilities and opportunities to open up new perceptions on how to organise your everyday life. Discover an innovate lifestyle – welcome to the future.

Bosch Home Connect appliances in a kitchen

Smart Today. Smart Tomorrow.

Bosch is Europe's leading home appliance brand. Consumers worldwide associate the brand with efficient functionality, reliable quality and an internationally acclaimed design. The "Invented for life" guiding principle also applies in the age of digital transformation. With Home Connect, Bosch is connecting its home appliances across all product categories and enabling its consumers to incorporate smart technology into their lives both now and in the future.

Let your cooking creativity shine with connected appliances from NEFF

NEFF and Home Connect partners are making it possible for cooking aficionados to tailor connectivity to their creative needs. Control your oven through voice assistant, when your hands are full of delicious ingredients. Alternatively, set the right mood for dinner remotely via your phone, with Ambient Light on a NEFF hood and wow your guests on arrival with a light that enhances your most celebrated dish. These are just a few of many possibilities in the NEFF meets Home Connect universe.

Something else that might interest you

Home Connect partner IFTTT


You can save time and unnecessary trips. Let your imagination run wild with IFTTT (If This Then That). Simply create your personal favourite applications based on your requirements and your household.

A young couple with Home Connect

"If you want to impress others, you have to surprise them".

Find out how Hanne and Erik connect their household using smart technology, save time, surprise their friends and express their personal lifestyle.

Test the Home Connect app

Smartphone and tablet with Home Connect app

Home Connect app download

You can control the important functions of your home appliances with just one app, even when you're out and about. Test the demo version of the app now – there's no need to have Home Connect appliances already.

Discover Home Connect appliances

Connected Household

Take control of your home appliances with Home Connect. And not just when you're at home, when you're out and about too.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Is there an intelligent vacuum cleaner that knows your home, takes care of it when you are out and is capable of even more? It's all possible with Home Connect.

Refrigerating and freezing

Fresh ideas for fresh food: Check the contents of your fridge while you're out, control the temperature and much more.

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