A single app for your smart home

With Home Connect Plus, you can link various smart home appliances and entire systems from different manufacturers and control them centrally. Convenient, free, and entirely in tune with your individual requirements.

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These are the advantages of Home Connect Plus

With the app from Home Connect Plus, your smart appliances become even smarter: Connect your household appliances with Home Connect to smart home devices and systems from other manufacturers, and therefore raise your intelligent home to a whole new level. With Home Connect Plus, you can easily and intuitively connect different appliances to each other, control these centrally, and adapt them to your individual requirements. The smart home therefore feels right at home!

Central platform for all appliances

Countless potential combinations thanks to extensive compatibility. With Home Connect Plus, you control your smart home with just one app – easily and conveniently.

Smart home made easy

The Home Connect Plus app is clear, intuitive and fun. No previous technical knowledge is required. You don't have to be a smart home expert to operate it.

Personalised for you

Adapt the app to your personal requirements: Customisable automations mean that the interaction between our appliances and other systems becomes a whole new smart home experience. You can easily add your frequently used appliance functions to your favourites.

Free all-in-one solution

The app from Home Connect Plus is free of charge. No subscriptions, no hidden costs and no in-app purchases. Simply download, set up and experience a new smart home.

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When you leave your house, the robotic vacuum cleaner gets going

When you leave your home, the robotic vacuum cleaner starts automatically as soon as your smart door lock shuts the door behind you.

No more bad moods in the morning

With Home Connect Plus, every morning when you wake up, the shutters rise automatically and your favourite coffee is prepared for you

Save unnecessary trips to the laundry room

Is your washing machine in the cellar and you want to be notified when it has finished? With Home Connect Plus, you can have a smart light bulb light up as soon as the washing programme has finished.

This is included in Home Connect Plus

Boards: All important functions and appliances at a glance

Create individual overviews of your smart appliances, for example for recurring everyday situations or a room in your house. This means that you have access to all of your connected appliances as well as any configured automations that help you make your daily life even more comfortable,. You can set up the app exactly in this way and customise it as you wish, for example with your favourite appliance functions on one board.

Automations: Networked appliances facilitate smart living thanks to intelligent routines

In just a few steps, set up automations in accordance with the "if this, then that" principle: So, for example, the thermostat regulates the heating down when you leave the house, or the app ensures that all of the lights go out and the front door is locked at bedtime. And it does this for all of your appliances, regardless of the manufacturer.

Appliance overview: Central control of all appliances from a single app

Don't waste any time continuously switching between different manufacturer apps. With Home Connect Plus, you can easily keep an eye on the key functions of all of your appliances and conveniently control them from one place.

Have we piqued your interest?

Then visit the Home Connect Plus website to find out how you can enrich your life with this versatile smart home solution. In addition to comprehensive information about the app, you will also discover all manner of top tips and ideas regarding the smart home:

Set up in just a few steps

How to connect your networked household appliances via the Home Connect Plus app:

1. If you have not already done so, download the Home Connect app from the App Store and connect your household appliances that have Home Connect.

2. Download the Home Connect Plus app and register.

3. You can use the + symbol in the "Appliances" tab in the app to add appliances.

4. Manufacturer apps that have already been installed are immediately suggested. Select the brand of your smart appliances and register once.

5. Please confirm that Home Connect Plus is permitted to access your appliances.

6. The appliance overview now shows you all of your connected smart home appliances and you can get started.

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