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Imagine if you no longer had to think of everything because there were services to take care of some of the most tedious tasks. The Amazon Service is one of those services. With Amazon your Home Connect dishwasher reorders dishwashers tablets when you are running low, so that you never run out of tablets again

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How does Amazon smart reorders work?

Smart reordering of dishwasher tabs can be set up easily via the Amazon Alexa app. To get started make sure you have enabled the Home Connect dishwasher skill. Once Alexa detects the number of dishwasher tabs has dropped below the limit, Alexa can automatically reorder new tabs for you. Alexa can also remind you via voice besides email and send a notification from Amazon Shopping to your echo device with an offer for a refill. At this point, Alexa will ask you whether you’d like to add it to your cart. Once you agree, you can review the details and complete the purchase at your convenience. Simple, but effective.

Simple to set up with only few steps

1) Enable the Home Connect dishwasher skill and Alexa will find your device
2) Set up smart reorders and select favourite dishwasher tabs to order from Amazon
3) Adjust your preferred replenishment settings and register how many tabs you have left

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