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Handle your home from one single point

Home Connect - What's Next

Say goodbye to stand-alone-solutions: Home Connect will integrate all connected functions in your house or apartment. For example security, lighting and shutter control, heating as well as home appliances and entertainment devices will be handled from one single platform. This new way creates limitless experiences of individual comfort. Automations adapt perfectly to your personal lifestyle. Pre-defined settings for multiple devices help you to simplify your daily live, across multiple manufacturers of smart devises. They will seamlessly work together. That really makes a difference in your life.
The extended Home Connect offering will be launched mid 2020 in selected European countries.

Join us when we present the future of the whole connected home:
at IFA 2019 in Berlin (Hall 3.1/101) from 6 to 11 September 2019.

It works how you want it to - Home Connect

Experience how everything works the way you want it to

Home is where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Define your daily routines quickly and safely. While all lights go out automatically when you leave your house or apartment, the heating temperature lowers and the security system is activated. And at the same time, the dishwasher and vacuum cleaning robot do their job. All services are accessible via your preferred interface. And even this interface will adjust to your individual preferences.

What's next: Home Connect -  comfort at home

Enjoy pioneering solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from a self-learning system if you want. Over time, the platform gets to know your needs better and intelligently adjusts to your routines or suggests improvements. For example, how energy resources can be used more economically. How you can gain time by managing your home stuff more effectively. Or by choosing recipes which are personalized to your favorite taste preferences.

Smartphone Ecosystem - Home Connect

Expand your home experience with services for better living

The Home Connect ecosystem is continuously winning attractive and innovative partners. You will benefit from smart solutions that go far beyond the living environment. Be among the first to enter the next level with us: exciting services from assisted living and energy management, to name just some examples. Services that truly matter, beyond providing convenience and comfort.

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