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News & Events

This section of the website is devoted to new information about Home Connect. Find out more about the app’s new features, upcoming events and announcements from Home Connect partners. Remember to frequently visit and read updates appearing in this section of the Home Connect website – more important information will appear here regularly.

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Home Connect clicks with Flic

We’re very happy to welcome another great partner on board! Flic, the company behind innovative smart Bluetooth buttons, is now a part of the Home Connect partner network. What does it mean for you? One click to turn off all the appliances. Two clicks and your favourite coffee’s ready. With Home Connect, the comfort is only a Flic away.

Your smart fridge has just gotten much cooler!

What’s too cool for school? Not Home Connect smart fridges – because they’ve just learned how to make your life significantly easier. With object recognition feature, the app will be able to identify around 60 types of most common fruits and vegetables. On-screen icons will tell you if your food belongs in or out, which shelf should you move it to and provide useful storage tips.

Home Connect partners up with Finish 365!

Great news – your favourite brand of dishwasher tabs will always be at your fingertips. Set up a counter and Home Connect will notify you whenever you’re running low. From there, it’s just a click to a convenient refill. Now one thing is off your mind for good: your dishware is going to get that perfect finish, 365 days a year.

Tarte flambee is flat out fantastic (recipe of the month #1)

Looking for some culinary inspiration? Look no further than Home Connect cookbook. Today, it’s time for tarte flambée. It’s a simple flatbread – just onion, bacon and cream spread on a thin crust – but there’s nothing flat about its flavour. Serve it hot for dinner or as a cold appetizer and it’ll be gone from the table in no time!

Explore this and other wonderful recipes in the app's demo mode. Try it today!

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