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News & Events

News & Events BSH

This section of the website is devoted to new information about Home Connect. Find out more about the app’s new features, upcoming events and announcements from Home Connect partners. Remember to frequently visit and read updates appearing in this section of the Home Connect website – more important information will appear here regularly.

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Home Connect: be efficient - every day

Nobody likes doing the dishes

Washing up is everybody’s least-favourite kitchen task and finally it has received a digital makeover. With the help of a Home Connect dishwasher, you can turn boring hours at the kitchen sink into a truly effortless experience. Also need a refill of dishwasher tablets? With Home Connect, your dishwasher can deal with that on his own – and not only with that.

Home Connect: be efficient - every day

Be efficient - every day

Home Connect cannot stretch your day, but it definitely can help you to have more time for leisure and fun. Sven knows that already. As a busy professional, he wants to get the most out of his time. Home Connect helps him to cut down on hours spend on housework and to spend his time on things that truly matter. Find out how he does this– and how you can do it too.

Home Connect pairing process

Trouble with pairing? Get help.

Need a helping hand connecting your home appliances to the Home Connect app? We help you – you can find detailed tutorial videos in the Help & Support section of our website. These clips contain step-by-step instructions for your home appliances from all the categories that will smoothly guide you through the entire pairing process.

Home Connect Easter eggs

Home Connect has a recipe for Easter.

And it is not just devilled eggs! If you want to make Easter dinner a little more interesting, we have a solution. With our cookbook filled with creative recipes for traditional Easter dishes from around the world – like Mexican capirotada bread pudding or ricotta-pistachio cannoli straight from an Italian table – Home Connect can help you turn this year’s celebration into an unforgettable day.

Home Connect and LaMetric work like a clockwork

Home Connect and LaMetric work like a clockwork

What time is it? It’s time to welcome another partner to the Home Connect partner network! Thanks to a collaboration with LaMetric, Home Connect is now available for LaMetric Time, an award-winning smart clock for home and office. The device features a wide, easy-to-read screen which can display a number of notifications related to all your appliances – whether it is a status message from your dishwasher or your coffee machine letting you know it’s out of beans.

Home Connect coffee makers

And how do you take your coffee?

Plain black? Espresso macchiato? Or maybe something more adventurous? It’s never too late to discover new tastes, and with Home Connect a whole world of different coffee preparations is only one click away. Choose from dozens of styles – from

classic espresso and smooth cappuccino to exotic Indian kaapi and Colombian cortado – enjoy your perfect cup every time.

A pinch of smart in every recipe

With your new AI kitchen assistant, you can turn your cooking experience into a smarter cooking experience. Our new partner Chefling offers you a huge selection of smart recipes that communicate easily with your appliances with Home Connect. Your new assistant transforms the instructions in the recipe directly into commands for your appliances. So why operate the home appliances yourself?

Home Connect and Fitbit are a great fit together

Home Connect and Fitbit are a great fit together

Your connected life with Home Connect has just become more convenient, with Home Connect now available on Fitbit smartwatches. Fitbit offers a helping hand necessary to reach your health and fitness goals, and now, thanks to the collaboration with Home Connect, that helping hand can support you in handling everyday household tasks. Check your home appliances from wherever you are – whether it is a marathon trail or a locker room.

Make spring clean a smart clean

Winter is gone and spring is in – and what better time to do some thorough house cleaning than the beginning of a new season? Spring means a fresh start, so let us start you off smart: from helping you choose the right appliance programme, through monitoring appliances during their run, to putting in a coffee break between chores, Home Connect allows you to manage all your tasks more efficiently.

Home Connect innovative living

Valentine’s Day with digital flair

Your home can be a great date location as well – all you need is a bit of foresight, some dedication and a little help from Home Connect. Surprise your beloved one with a multi-course dinner cooked to perfection with smart recipes, add some special lighting to set the mood and you’re good to go… or rather stay in..

Home Connect CES2019

CES 2019: Experience the kitchen of the future

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas – but you’ll have to forgive us breaking that rule this time. A whole Home Connect kitchen made an appearance at CES 2019 show in Las Vegas as an example of a perfect connection of home appliances and digital services. True to the motto "Connected Living", there was an area where visitors could experience the kitchen of the future up close and fully immerse themselves into the IoT.

Alexa Skill for Home Connect coffee machine

Home Connect turns Alexa into your personal barista

Good news for all the coffee lovers out there – thanks to the latest update, your coffee maker with Home Connect can now be managed through Alexa in a much more comfortable way. Among the improvements are shorter commands, support for all coffee programs, including all delicious CoffeeWorld recipes, and much more.

Home Connect new year light

Happy New Year – let’s welcome the future!

The new year is around the corner and who knows what it’s going to bring? With Home Connect there will be new partnerships, more exciting features and great innovations designed to take your home to a new level of comfort. Stay with us – it’s going to be wonderful.

Bosch Roxxter. Smart technology for outstanding performance.

Get started with your new Bosch Roxxter! Simply add your new robot vacuum to the Home Connect family. In this way, control and operate the Roxxter anytime, from anywhere. With the Home Connect app you can create a full cleaning schedule, define which rooms to be cleaned or easily set up No-Go zones. The Roxxter will notify you when the cleaning is done. Comfortably clean your home while you’re on the go.

Chestnut Autumn with Home Connect oven

It smells like autumn

How can an autumn evening be more beautiful than with hot chestnuts straight from the oven? With the Home Connect oven and the great variety of recipes, you'll find a delicious preparation right away. And the best: you can send the appliance and temperature settings directly to your Home Connect oven. So don't worry about the preparation, enjoy the beautiful autumn days to the fullest.

From the summit, the future of kitchen looks very promising

We’re talking, of course, about Smart Kitchen Summit 2018. This year’s edition, hosted in Seattle between 8th and 9th of October, brought together some of the brightest minds working at the intersection of kitchen and technology, including Geoff Barnes of Google and Christofer von Nagel, President and CEO of BSH Home Appliances Corporation. With all that intellectual power in place, the event turned into a real brainstorm!

Fridge Object Recognition

Your fridge knows best

Where do I put lemons? Do tomatoes go into the fridge? And will celery keep better on the top shelf? Thanks to the object recognition feature in the Home Connect app, your refrigerator can answer all of these questions – and provide you with other useful tips. The app can recognize and digitally label around 60 of the most common fruits and vegetables and will let you know if any of your items are stored improperly or past their consumption date.

Celebrate pumpkin season with Kitchen Stories

If days are becoming shorter and leaves are turning yellow, then you know the autumn is coming. For foodies, it also means that it’s pumpkin season again! Want to bring a slice of the season into your kitchen? Our partners are here to help – there’s plenty of recipes featuring pumpkin for you to try at Kitchen Stories. And that’s just one of many stories they can tell.

Home Connect makes a connection with NEFF

Another great home appliance partner has decided to join the Home Connect ecosystem. NEFF is a brand beloved by creative food passionates all over the world and together with Home Connect, it’s going to launch a new range of smart appliances. A connected kitchen providing the best results – that’s NEFF quality and Home Connect innovation, working hand in hand for you.

Rhizome connected kitchen conference.

What is cooking in the future connected kitchen?

Two days, almost a hundred participants from various business fields and thousands of freshly baked ideas about the connected kitchen. This year’s “Rhizome – Connected Kitchen Conference” is over, but its insights will surely resonate with the industry for much longer. What have speakers, workshop coaches and participants at Rhizome cooked up this year? Check out the photos from this year’s edition and find out..

IFA is taking off and so is Home Connect.

Connect with us at IFA 2018 and see how we can bring your world and your home appliances together.

Develop the future with Home Connect developer program

You can’t predict the future, but – with the right tools – you can shape it. And Home Connect has the tools you need. The new developer program portal allows you to access the Home Connect API and its complete documentation, test your code in the virtual environment, and eventually publish the project to wider audiences. Do you have a great connected kitchen idea? Let’s make it happen together.


Find food for thoughts at the Rhizome conference 2018

Two days packed with unique insights from the industry leaders, inspiring workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities: that’s Rhizome – Connected Kitchen Conference in a nutshell. This year’s edition will be held on 4th – 5th of September 2018 in of one of the finest venues in Berlin, Fabrik23. Home Connect is proud to be the host of the conference’s second edition and is looking forward to seeing you there.

A more efficient kitchen? With Home Connect it’s easy

Nothing makes cooking easier than a well-organized kitchen – and nothing helps organize a kitchen better than Home Connect. With the new inventory feature, you can easily keep track of what you have stored in your fridge. Simply add items to the inventory list and set their expiry date. The app will automatically remind you if any product approaches the date of expiration.

Home Connect Facebook

Do you like Home Connect? Like it on Facebook, too

That’s right – Home Connect found itself a home in social media. Make sure you follow our brand new fanpage to receive fresh news, plenty of inspiring content and much more than that, delivered straight to your newsfeed. And don’t forget to share it with your friends.


Home Connect clicks with Flic

We’re very happy to welcome another great partner on board! Flic, the company behind innovative smart Bluetooth buttons, is now a part of the Home Connect partner network. What does it mean for you? One click to turn off all the appliances. Two clicks and your favourite coffee’s ready. With Home Connect, the comfort is only a Flic away.

Your smart fridge has just gotten much cooler!

What’s too cool for school? Not Home Connect smart fridges – because they’ve just learned how to make your life significantly easier. Now, thanks to object recognition feature, the app will be able to identify and digitally label around 60 types of most common fruits and vegetables. On-screen icons will tell you whether your food belongs in or out, which shelf should you move it to and provide useful storage tips. All of that to help you keep things fresh.

Home Connect partners up with finish365!

Great news – your favourite brand of dishwasher tabs will always be at your fingertips. Set up a counter and Home Connect will notify you whenever you’re running low. From there, it’s just a click to a convenient refill. Now one thing is off your mind for good: your dishware is going to get that perfect finish, 365 days a year.

Tarte flambee is flat out fantastic (recipe of the month #1)

Looking for some culinary inspiration? Look no further than Home Connect cookbook. Today, it’s time for tarte flambée. It’s a simple flatbread – just onion, bacon and cream spread on a thin crust – but there’s nothing flat about its flavour. Serve it hot for dinner or as a cold appetizer and it’ll be gone from the table in no time!

Don’t have a Home Connect app? Not a problem: you can explore all the recipes in the demo mode. Try it now!

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