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Frequently asked questions relating to Nest in conjunction with Home Connect

Which implications will the retirement of the 'Works with Nest' program have on the functionality of my home appliances with Home Connect and Nest?

Until August 31, 2019, Home Connect users can continue to use their Home Connect enabled appliances in combination with Nest devices and functionalities.

As of September 1, 2019, Home Connect and Works with Nest users with a Nest account will be able to utilise its functions with, amongst others, the following limitations:

  • Nest account holders will not have access to new Nest features.
  • Nest accounts will only receive security updates by Nest (not functionality updates).
  • Users with a Nest account will not be able to set up new Works with Nest connections. However, they will be able to use any connections/automations they had set up prior to August 31, 2019.
  • If Nest and Home Connect users merge their Nest account to a Google account (an option that will be offered by Google), they will not be able to use the functionality with Home Connect anymore.

For further information please visit Nest’s FAQ .

In which countries does Nest work with my Home Connect appliances?

Nest is available with Home Connect in a growing number of countries. Please check the Nest website in your country or Home Connect’s country-specific website to find out whether Nest works with Home Connect in your country.

Which Home Connect appliances work with Nest?

At the moment, several applications are available for ovens, hobs, cooker hoods, fridges, washing machines, dryers and coffee machines.

What personal data is exchanged with Nest?

The two accounts are linked when the connection is made. No user data is sent to Nest. You can find more details in the Terms of Use and Data Privacy Policy in the "Settings" menu under "Integrated services" in your app.

How can I disconnect the two accounts again?

By clicking on the "Disconnect" button in the top right-hand corner of the "Integrated services" area in Nest.

Can I switch off my hob remotely if Nest sends me a smoke alert?

Due to legal restrictions, some appliances (e.g. hobs) cannot be switched off remotely. However, you do receive an alert via the Home Connect app.

Can I use the Nest app to operate my Home Connect appliances?

No, you can't. You can only operate your home appliances via the Home Connect app.

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