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"I use the digital world to stay in closer contact with my friends in the real world"

Young woman makes a selfie in her room of her shared apartment

The digital world is full of surprises. I grew up with it and I’m always keen to try out new trends. We're always up-to-date too in my flat I share with my best friend Sarah. Thanks to my mum, we even have a Home Connect oven, which has really impressed my friends quite a few times already.

Mother and daughter are baking together in the kitchen. Everything is easier, thanks to Home Connect.

"When technology meets tradition, something magical happens"

When I still lived at home, my mum and I used to bake together nearly every weekend. It was our first hobby we did together. That’s why she gave me a Home Connect oven when I moved into my flatshare in Berlin. When she visits me, we revive our old tradition and bake together. Thanks to the Home Connect oven, now we do it much more to a professional quality than before. With the help of Amazon Alexa, I impress mum by controlling the oven through my voice.

Woman relaxing with a cup of coffee on the bed

"Anything but cold coffee: My boyfriend's cappuccino"

Why do I spend so many nights at my boyfriend's place? He's got a coffee machine with Home Connect. And it can do so much more too: When we wake up we send our coffee order to the coffee machine via the Home Connect app. It knows how my boyfriend and I like it and it makes the best coffee in town for me. Which I'm then brought in bed by the best boyfriend in town.

Friends are sitting at the dining table and toasting together with a glass of juice. No problem, thanks to Home Connect.

"The perfect dinner with friends is not a challenge for me"

It was my boyfriend who introduced me to our cooking group: We meet once a week at the home of one of group members for a meal together. We rated each evening at the end. Once everyone has had a turn, we then announce the winner. The prize is an invitation from the others to a meal in a chic restaurant. Since I joined, I’ve won twice. My friends are convinced I’m cheating. After all, I do have a Home Connect oven! It ensures that everything is perfectly cooked and I usually seek my inspiration from the recipes stored in Home Connect. It always has lots of new recipes that not only work out, but also taste fantastic.

A Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner in action

"Living in a flatshare should be so easy"

If you’ve ever shared a flat, you’ll be familiar with the endless discussions about whose turn it is to do the cleaning. It's the same in my flatshare. For that reason alone, one day I’m going to treat myself to a Home Connect vacuum cleaner. It not only automatically takes care of the tiresome vacuum cleaning, but can also pinpoint places in the flat to clean specific areas.

Home Connect logo

My main aim: When I finish my degree, I’m going to move in with my boyfriend. To ensure there are no disagreements, we’ve already settled a couple of things: In our flat we’re going to have Home Connect appliances. It's not only keeping up with the times, but also saves a lot of time and bother.

Woman sits on the windowsill testing the Home Connect app on her smartphone

"The future is digital. So why not my home too?"

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"My goal: Innovation and efficiency"

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