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Smart Home

Smart Home

A home which switches all the lights off for you and automatically reduces the temperature when you leave the house. One which starts your dishwasher or your washing machine so that everything is clean just as you return home. Although this sounds futuristic, it can already easily be done today. Find out which intelligent solutions a smarter home still has in store for you.

Bosch Smart Home

You can rely on comfort, safety and efficiency and have regular processes carried out automatically. Connect your smart home appliances and make your day-to-day life easier whilst still maintaining control of all functions. With Bosch Smart Home, you no longer have to worry about the details and have more time to enjoy life.

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Simple, energy-saving and safe: Control your home no matter where you are. For example, you can switch off your appliances remotely if a smoke alarm goes off or switch your fridge to energy-saving mode during long periods away from the home. Make your home your nest in which you feel comfortable.

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A day just how you want it.

Get woken up by atmospheric music while your coffee machine is already preparing your cappuccino and the oven is heating up so that you can bake fresh bread rolls. Or make sure your home has the perfect temperature at the press of a button. Make your day-to-day life easier and enjoy having automated processes in your home.

Your entire home on an app

Always have everything in view: With iHaus, you will always start the day relaxed. Create scenarios and processes that will make your everyday life easier and control your entire Smart Home via the app. From home appliances to smoke detectors – you will always maintain an overview of your home.

Control Home Connect appliances with

Sophisticated AI for the Luxury Home is a high-end home automation solution for the most advanced properties in the world.
Control your home conveniently and intuitively with natural voice control. supports best-in-class luxury products to provide an elegant and secure smart home experience. Starting with the Home Connect coffee machine, homeowners will be able to ask Josh to brew their beverage of choice depending on the type, strength, and quantity, in whatever way is natural to them.


For a home with flow

Want to wake up to your favourite music? And simultaneously control and monitor all your home appliances via your voice with just one app? Create the rules that will make your everyday life flow. Achieve more with what you have and adapt your home to meet your needs.

Bosch Smart Home

A brightly lit modern house with a Bosch Smart Home security system.

More comfort in all living areas

Smart Home solutions make your home more comfortable and safer – with clever connected devices which automatically take on numerous tasks and can be controlled via an app. Bosch Smart Home provides you with a wide range of intelligent complete and individual solutions. You can adapt your home specifically to your needs – for even more safety, comfort and quality of life.

Conrad Connect

Creating the mood you want in your home

With smart automation, create the right atmosphere for every situation in life at home. Create projects according to your exact needs, connect your Home Connect appliances to each other and control them via your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want mood lighting or a comfortable temperature, you can create projects for a home which is familiar with your needs.


Modern kitchen design meets connected technology

Let innovation, design and function merge together and make your life even more comfortable. Control your kitchen concepts effortlessly via the app and use it to access your connected home appliances easily.


Olisto connects various devices and thereby makes them even more intelligent: With the Olisto app, you can connect a wide range of devices to your Home Connect appliances. With Olisto, your coffee machine can even recognise you: Via facial recognition, the device knows exactly who wants a coffee and, more importantly, which coffee they want. This is just one of many possibilities offered by Olisto in conjunction with Home Connect.

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