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Smart ideas for smart kitchen – discover Home Connect

Smart coffee maker

Smart home appliances make life easier. From smart oven and smart fridge to smart coffee machine – find out how to make the most out of smart kitchen

How can a smart kitchen help you in everyday life? Well, it’s all a matter of perspective – different lifestyles, after all, call for different solutions. Fortunately, smart kitchen appliances with Home Connect are designed to fit comfortably in the lives of all kinds of different people. Whether you’re happily married and have children or live the life of a busy urban single – Home Connect can always make your life easier. Here you’ll find a couple of smart kitchen ideas that may come in handy

Home Connect smart oven

A warm dinner waiting for you coming home from work? With a little planning ahead and a smart oven it’s easy. Simply prep your dish for cooking an evening before and leave it in the oven. Using the Home Connect app you can then start cooking remotely while you’re out and have a meal ready for your return. Got stuck in an unexpected traffic jam? Just decrease the temperature to a minimum so that your food keeps warm.

Home Connect Smart Kitchen

Variety is a spice of life – your smart oven wouldn’t be very smart if it didn’t know that. Luckily, there’s no shortage of inspiration to be found in the digital world. Smart kitchen appliances can receive precise cooking settings not only from the Home Connect app cookbook – which is already plenty – but also from a number of other apps and services, like Kitchen Stories and Drop. From breakfast classics and dinner staples to more adventurous dishes exploring unusual flavours, there’s something for everyone.

Home Connect object recognition fridge

A smart fridge not only keeps your food nice and fresh, but also keeps an eye on it. Thanks to the in-fridge camera, you can take a look at the contents of your refrigerator via the Home Connect app anytime to make sure your shopping list isn’t missing anything you need. What’s more, the app will help you store your food properly – thanks to object recognition feature, it can identify around 60 most popular fruits and vegetables and digitally label them, providing useful information. You don’t know if tomatoes belong in the fridge? Trust your fridge, it knows best.

Home Connect smart dishwasher

Do you keep running out of dishwasher supplies just when you need them the most? With a smart dishwasher and Home Connect app, you can forget about dishwasher tablets – because it’s going to remember for you. Thanks to the tablet counter feature and a partner service from Amazon Dash Replenishment Service, your dishwasher can automatically reorder your favourite brand of tablets and have them delivered to your doorstep whenever you’re running low. Simple and effective.

Home Connect coffee

Nothing wakes you up better than a smell of coffee in the morning. Now, a smart coffee maker with Home Connect can help you get out of bed faster. How? Just leave a mug in the coffee maker before going to bed, so that it’s ready to be filled to the brim with your favourite coffee first thing in the morning. All that’s left for you to do is tap at the screen and enjoy the delicious smell – a smell that’s guaranteed to get you going.

The beginning of the future kitchen

These are just a few of the many wonderful connected kitchen functionalities that can make your life much easier. And the best part? There’s even more of them to come. All the smart kitchen appliances – from a smart oven to a smart coffee maker – will continue to evolve and improve our everyday life. A smart fridge that can automatically order grocery staples every week? It’s probably awaiting somewhere in a not-so-distant future. Exciting, isn’t it?

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