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For those who live healthy and breathe fitness and those who just begin their path towards a healthier lifestyle, Fitbit® offers the helping hand necessary to reach your goals. Now, thanks to the collaboration with Home Connect, that helping hand can also support you handle everyday household tasks. Check your home appliances from wherever you are – whether it is a marathon trail or a locker room.

The Home Connect app for Fitbit smartwatches is compatible with Fitbit OS 4, which is currently supported by the Fitbit Ionic, Versa, Versa 2 smartwatches. Fitbit has recently released new smartwatches, including the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3, which run the Fitbit OS version 5.
As this new OS requires numerous updates to the current Home Connect Fitbit app, Home Connect is currently evaluating how it will continue to support Fitbit’s new smartwatches.
The Home Connect app will continue to be available for Fitbit OS 4.

Fit for your lifestyle

Fitbit with Home Connect Coffee Machine

Even a small victory is worth a cup

Do you feel like you did a great job at the morning run? Reward yourself – with Home Connect for Fitbit smartwatches you can start brewing your favourite type of coffee while you’re still out running. Choose the type, strength, and size of your beverage on your way back home and a hot cup of e.g. Espresso Americano will be waiting for you at home. You deserve it, right?

Your workout is only as good as your diet

Fitbit and Home Connect can help you make sure a warm meal is waiting for you after every training session. Thanks to remote control capabilities of the app, you can preheat the oven at any time directly from your Fitbit smartwatches – which may save you some time in the kitchen and help you manage your diet more efficiently.

Fitbit with Home Connect Washer

Support that keeps you focused

Did I forget to close the fridge door? Has my washing machine finished the washing cycle? If these nagging thoughts keep you from focusing on your workout, we have a solution: Home Connect allows you to monitor the status of your appliances in real time. One glance at your Fitbit smartwatch and you can put your mind to rest and resume training, knowing that all is fine at home.

Get Home Connect for Fitbit smartwatches now

Home Connect is now available in the Fitbit App Gallery. To find out more about how to get started visit the Fitbit website or find it directly in your Fitbit app.

Don’t slow down – Alexa can keep up

Don’t slow down – Alexa can keep up

Did you forget to start your washing machine, but you’re in the middle of the workout? With new Fitbit, you won’t have to take a break. Thanks to the integration with Amazon Alexa, new Fitbit Versa 2 allows you to control your home appliances with Home Connect via simple voice commands. No need to push buttons – so you can focus on your push-ups, Monitor and control your home from wherever you are – whether it is a marathon trail or a locker room. Now the new generation of Fitbit smartwatches allows you to control your home appliances with voice commands.

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