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Control Apple Watch to preheat oven with only one finger tap

Whether you own an Apple Watch, Wear OS by Google™, or a Fitbit, you can now monitor and control your connected appliances with more convenience than ever.
In order to connect your Apple Watch or smartwatch with Wear OS by Google™ to your appliances, you first need to download the Home Connect app. Create your personal Home Connect account and then download the Home Connect Watch App. Fitbit users can connect their appliances using the designated Home Connect app for Fitbit. To do so, simply download the Home Connect app in the Fitbit app store and log in with your regular Home Connect account.

Home Connect App for Apple Watch

Home Connect App for Wear OS by GoogleTM

Apple Watch: How to connect and set up

All you need is your Apple Watch and iPhone. Make sure your watch is connected to the Internet. The following step-by-step video will show you how to quickly get your Apple Watch connected to your home appliances.

Wear OS by GoogleTM: How to connect and set up

Use the Home Connect Watch App for Smartwatches to connect your smartwatch with Wear OS by Google™ to your appliances. All you need is your Google smartwatch and your phone. Make sure the two devices are linked via Bluetooth. Watch the video for an easy step-by-step instruction:

Frequently asked questions on Smartwatches

What kind of smartwatches does Home Connect support?

If you own an Apple Watch, you can use Home Connect with watchOS 7 or higher.

Smartwatches with Wear OS by Google™ are supported from version 2.X upwards.

The Home Connect app for Fitbit smartwatches works with Fitbit OS 4. This system is currently supported by the Fitbit Ionic, Versa, Versa Lite and Versa 2 smartwatches as well as the new models Sense and Versa 3.

Why does the watch app not show up on my watch after downloading the Home Connect mobile app?

The watch apps are standalone, which means they are downloaded and installed separately from the Home Connect mobile app. Please note that the Wear OS app can only be downloaded from Google Play Store directly on your watch.

I got the error message “Your appliance did not respond in time, it might by offline”. However, my appliance still reacted.

Your command may have been successfully executed but the confirmation didn’t come through immediately due to an interrupted internet connection.

Why did my watch app log out by itself?

Your watch app was probably disconnected from the ’Integrated services’ section in your Home Connect profile settings. Simply log in to your watch app again to re-establish the link.

Why does my coffee machine not react when I turn it on or start a program using my watch?

Please check your coffee machine for issues like an empty water tank or bean container. Once this has been fixed, you can resend your coffee order.

Do the watch apps support notifications on, for example, completed tasks?

Watch apps generally do not support notifications. You can, however, activate notifications within your Home Connect mobile app. This way you will receive notifications on your smartwatch, too. Please make sure to allow notifications from Home Connect in your smartwatch settings.

Do the watch apps support multiple devices of the same category or multi-cavity ovens?

Yes, all appliances of the same category e.g. two ovens will appear on your watch once connected. If you have an oven with multiple cavities, each cavity will be listed as a separate oven.

I have paired a new appliance with the Home Connect mobile app. Why does it not show up on my watch?

Simply restart your watch or log out and back in to see your recently connected appliances.

For now, I can only check the status of my hood / cooktop / cooling devices. Will there be any functions to control and manage these appliances from my watch?

We are constantly working on new features including select control functions for the above-mentioned appliances. We recommend checking in regularly for updates.

Will the Bosch Cookit be supported?

Yes, the Bosch Cookit will be supported by the watch apps in the near future.

Only Wear OS: My watch app won’t start, what can I do?

When using your watch for the first time, it will take a short while to retrieve all the necessary data. In some cases, the display will turn off in the process to avoid unnecessary battery drain. If this happens, all you need to do is relaunch the app.

Any questions specifically on watchOS?

Why is the user interface not ideal on older Apple Watch models?

As the app has been optimized for the use of Apple Watches 5, 6 and SE, minor differences may appear using older generations.

I deleted the watch app and can’t download it again from the App Store on my iPhone because the “Purchase” button cannot be clicked.

Please download the watch app directly from the App Store on your Apple Watch rather than your iPhone in order to re-install it.

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