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Soovime teile pakkuda parimat kogemust meie veebilehe kasutamisel. Võimalike täiustuste tuvastamiseks kasutame küpsiseid, et mõõta ja mõista, kuidas te meie veebilehte kasutate. Kui te nõustute küpsiste kasutamisega (küpsiste analüüsimisega), klõpsake "Jah, nõustun". Küpsiste kohta lisateabe saamiseks ja nende kasutuse keelustamisest oma veebibrauseris, külastage meie andmete privaatsusavaldust.


Woman sits relaxed in her household with Home Connect.

"Delegating tasks intelligently is the only way to ensure you can fulfil your ambitions"

Cooking, washing and cleaning. There's often not enough time left after work for me to relax. Home Connect appliances help me to make my life easier and give me more time to do the things I love. They don't just help me either, they are also fun when my friends come round.

"Cooking for friends is just so easy"

I love cooking for my friends and experimenting with new dishes. I love taking inspiration from the recipes in the Home Connect app. And to make sure nothing goes wrong during the preparation at home, I can send the cooking times and temperature of my chosen recipe direct to my Home Connect oven on my smartphone. That way, every dish is a guaranteed success. I love it – and my friends do too.

A woman checking the fridge contents using the Home Connect app.

"There's no magic involved – I can look into my fridge without having to open the door"

From the aperitifs to the food: I always make a real effort when my friends come round. I often organise nibbles, flowers and prepare a delicious aperitif. Sometimes I'm standing in the drinks aisle in the supermarket and I can't remember how much Prosecco I have left in the fridge. A quick glance at my Home Connect app tells me. It is connected to the cameras inside my fridge and lets me check the contents even when I'm out.

Woman baking

"The right recipe for the ingredients I have in stock"

A good meal should also have a good dessert. The Drop app helps me even more with this: I can enter what I already have at home and have Drop search for the right dessert recipe based on these exact ingredients. So if I've got lots of carrots left, the app will suggest I make a carrot cake. The best bit is that Drop sends the cooking times and temperatures straight to my Home Connect oven.

Woman prepares coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato with her fully automatic coffee machine with Home Connect.

"Home Connect helps me become a top barista"

After dinner, my friends and I always look forward to the rest of the evening. We discover new coffees together. We are inspired by the Home Connect Coffee World. Bettina likes Australian flat white coffee best, Lena doesn’t like it quite so hot, Caro prefers decaf and Laura enjoys trying out different coffees every time. With the Home Connect app, I can record all these requests and send them directly to my coffee machine.

Robot vacuum cleaner on the kitchen floor

"Fantastic – an assistant that knows my home"

If you have friends over a lot like me, you'll know that there is always one who will drop something during a conversation. Recently it was the sugar that landed on the floor. Normally I would jump up and clean it up. Now I simply call my robot vacuum cleaner using the app. Thanks to its integrated "Room Mapping" function, it is familiar with every corner of my home and knows where to go immediately. The robot vacuum cleaner also has a task planning function so I can set when and where the vacuum cleaner is to do its job. After that, it's all automatic and I don't have to do a thing.

Woman lies on the sofa with her smartphone.

"Unwind and switch off – it couldn't be easier"

When I want to unwind in the evening, I love getting into bed with a book. My eyes get heavy, I put the book down and switch off the light. But the control freak in me is asking "Have I switched off the oven?". Luckily I no longer need to get up to find out – I simply open my Home Connect app and check whether everything is switched off.

Two women are having coffee and laughing together.

"Home Connect gives me the freedom to try new things and to surprise my friends again and again."

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"You are never too old to learn something new"

"If you want to impress others, you have to surprise them"

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