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A man sits at his desk in front of a laptop in his home office.

"My goal: Innovation and efficiency"

Anyone like me who works hard and does long hours wants to make the most of their free time. Home Connect helps me to organise my household intelligently and in a time-saving manner so that I can focus on doing sport, cooking with my girlfriend and other enjoyable things in life.

Man is on his way to the airport with his suitcase packed. Even on the road no energy waste thanks to Home Connect.

"A household that thinks for itself – now that's practical"

I often have to travel for work. While I'm away, Home Connect and the additional partners I've set up in the app make sure that my home doesn't waste any energy. For example, it can be set up so that appliances such as my fridge automatically switch to eco mode.

View inside a smart fridge at home when shopping using the Home Connect app.

"One glance at the app and I know what's missing"

With regards to the fridge, if I’m on my way to the shops and I'm not sure what I already have at home, I can simply check the Home Connect app. It is connected to my fridge and the built-in cameras lets me see what I still need to buy.

Man cuts the vegetables supplied by Hello Fresh.

"That's just my thing – great ideas that work"

Thanks to HelloFresh and Home Connect, I can become a top chef when my girlfriend comes round. HelloFresh delivers the recipes and the food and my Home Connect oven produces perfect results. It knows the recipes and automatically sets itself so that every dish is a success every time.

Man connecting his Philips Hue lamp to Home Connect and the partner service IFTTT

Innovation and efficiency are important to me, not just in my job. IFTTT lets me connect my appliances to my home using smart technology. My Philips Hue light flashes in the kitchen when the food is ready. For me, it's reassuring to know I haven't forgotten anything by mistake if I'm doing something else at the same time.

Man and woman talking while having a glass of wine.
View into the dining room, Nest hangs on the wall.

"My Smart Home can do Home Connect"

So what's so extremely practical about Home Connect?. Quite simply, the fact that it can be seamlessly integrated into my Smart Home System. This means that I can also control my home appliances from the app. Home Connect's Smart Home partners already include Bosch Smart Home, Busch Jaeger and numerous other well-known providers. This connection lets me open and close my blinds using the Smart Home System, turn my lights on and off, control the heating and, for example, switch off my Home Connect oven. Which means I can do all this without constantly having to switch back and forth between apps. I think that's not just smart, but also very practical and easy.

Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machine with Home Connect

What does my girlfriend like best about Home Connect? The coffee playlist. I use it at the dining table to select our favourite drinks. Our coffee machine then automatically prepares a latte macchiato for my girlfriend with a small amount of espresso and my double Americano – and all I have to do is put the right cups in place.

Man and woman playing chess in the living room

"Home Connect doesn't make my day longer, but it does leave me time for the important things in life."

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"Delegating tasks intelligently is the only way to ensure you can fulfil your ambitions"

"You are never too old to learn something new"

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