Laptop on a table with a privacy symbol on the screen symbolises data security with Home Connect

Your privacy is important to us

We ensure that you have control over the data you share.

Before you connect an appliance or service to Home Connect, we will tell you exactly what information will be shared.

You can cancel the connection with partner services at any time.

All companies that we work with must agree to certain guidelines on the use of the information they share. We take these rules very seriously and can suspend access by third parties at any time. You can also terminate linked partner services any time you wish. If, for example, you delete your Home Connect account for any reason, we will automatically cancel the connection to all active links for you.

We take additional measures to ensure that your data is secure.

Data protection is important. As is security. All our connections use SSL. This means that the communication between Home Connect and other companies is always encrypted. The Home Connect app is also approved by a system which meets the highest safety requirements.

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Thanks to Amazon Alexa, Home Connect lets you easily control your connected home appliances via Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

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Do you have questions about Home Connect? In our FAQ, we have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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