Connected Bosch Home Connect dishwasher

Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS)

A dishwasher that thinks for you and orders dishwasher tabs when supplies are running low. With Home Connect and Amazon DRS, you can simply enjoy this service in the future. Are you interested in a Home Connect dishwasher or would you like to get one so that you can use Amazon DRS? Then you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers here.

Frequently asked questions

There are several people using Home Connect in my household. Who can sign up for Amazon DRS?

Only the main Home Connect user can sign up for Amazon DRS. The main user in a household is the first person who linked a home appliance to their user account.

How do I set up Amazon DRS with Home Connect?

1. Open the Home Connect app and navigate to "Integrated services".

2. Select "Setup" under "Amazon Dash Replenishment Service". You will now be able to see the Amazon online shop within the app.

3. Log in using your Amazon login details.

4. Select the brand of dishwasher tabs you wish to order and then click on "Complete Setup" to return to your Home Connect app.

5. Now you simply need to enter how many tabs you already have at home and the quantity remaining at which you want them to be automatically reordered. By default, the tabs are reordered when you have 12 dishwasher tabs left.

How is the order activated?

Every time the appliance goes through a wash cycle, the tab counter is automatically reduced by one. An order is activated if the tab counter is less than or equal to the minimum set for automatic reordering.

This value can be reached in the following cases:

1. A wash cycle automatically reduces the tab counter by one dishwasher tab

2. The main user changes the number of tabs in the Home Connect app

3. The main user manually changes the value specifying when new tabs will be reordered in the Home Connect app.

You will receive an e-mail from Amazon when any changes are made.

How can I cancel an order?

Amazon lets you cancel your order within 24 hours. You can find more information on managing your order on the confirmation e-mail that you receive from Amazon.

What happens if I cancel an order?

To continue with automatic reordering, you must start a new order. You can do this by resetting the tab counter. The Home Connect app will then confirm the reorder in an app notification.

Will the tab counter update automatically when I have received the delivery?

Yes. The Home Connect app automatically increases the tab counter when the delivery has arrived.

How can I change my DRS subscription?

To change your Amazon subscription settings, in the Home Connect app under "Integrated services", click on "Go to Amazon". From there, you can change your product selection or cancel the subscription. You can, of course, also access your Amazon account outside of the Home Connect App to manage DRS.

Why can't I make any changes to the tab counter status or to the threshold value at which reordering is to take place in the Home Connect app?

Check your user status. It's likely that you are not the main user. Only the main user can change these values. Other users can only see them.

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