A dishwasher tab being placed in a Home Connect dishwasher

Transparent and practical: A service that thinks for itself

Imagine if you never had to think about anything ever again because there were services to take care of some of the most tedious tasks. The Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (Amazon DRS) is one of those services. By interacting with your Home Connect dishwasher, it automatically reorders dishwasher tabs even before they run low.

How the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service works

Functional description of Amazon DRS and Home Connect

Your Home Connect dishwasher has a counter which knows how many dishwasher tablets you have at home at any point in time. Before these run out, new dishwasher tabs are ordered in advance via Amazon. As soon as the order is initiated, Amazon delivers the replenishment order directly to your home. After delivery, the dishwasher knows via the Home Connect app how many new tabs are there and that it no longer has to worry about this.

Activation of Amazon Dash Replenishment Service in three steps

Connecting a Home Connect account to an Amazon account on a smartphone in a connected kitchen with a Home Connect dishwasher.

Step 1: Connect Amazon with Home Connect

To reap the benefits of both accounts, first set up a link between your Home Connect account and your Amazon account. To do this, open the Home Connect app, tap on "Settings" and then on "Integrated services". Now you can easily link your Amazon Account.

Selecting dishwasher tablets  at Amazon for a Home Connect Wi-Fi-enabled dishwasher

Step 2: Which dishwasher tablets do I need?

Find the dishwasher tablets you need and select the delivery address and payment method. You can determine when the tablets should be reordered: After a certain number having been used or when a certain number are left. Then all you have to do is set how many tablets you already have at home at that moment in time.

A Home Connect dishwasher with a door which is slightly ajar

Step 3: Sit back and relax

You no longer need to worry about replenishing your dishwasher tablets . When supplies are running low, Amazon will reorder them. Amazon will deliver the required tabs conveniently and easily to your home. If you wish to cancel an order, you can do this directly with Amazon within 24 hours after receipt of the order confirmation. You can manage the order service in your app at any time.

A young woman receives a packet of dishwasher tabs. Thanks to Amazon DRS and Home Connect, these are always delivered in good time.

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