A woman scanning cheese with X-Spect

Food and textiles – are you already scanning them with X-Spect?

With X-Spect, we are currently developing the visionary concept of a multifunctional scanner. It detects information that resides on or in surfaces and materials but cannot be seen. This facilitates many day-to-day decisions around the house. The handy device with the built-in sensor can, for instance, identify specific textile types and food. X-Spect can then supply you with an array of information that it can then send straight to your washing machine or oven by way of a wash program or oven settings. That way, you are kept fully up to date and can also be sure nothing will go awry.

A woman scanning a piece of clothing with X-Spect
A woman scanning an egg with X-Spect from Home Connect

Focusing on the essentials: X-Spect analyses food

X-Spect gives you an entirely new perspective on the ingredients that you use for cooking on a daily basis. Your nutrition ultimately also benefits from the innovative scanner. How old are the eggs in the fridge? Are the fruits such as that mango, apple or peach ripe enough? What kind of meat is in those meatballs? How much sugar is in that cake? What is the fat content of that cheese? In future, X-Spect will be able to answer this, and many other questions, in an instant. X-Spect checks the ripeness and nutritional value of food in order to help you manage your fresh food storage effectively and understand what you are eating.

X-Spect scanner sending data to a washing machine with Home Connect

X-Spect: A genuine all-rounder

X-Spect is not only handy and intuitive to operate; in future, it will also become your personal laundry advisor. With its built-in optical sensor, the scanner identifies your textiles, registering both the composition of the fibres (natural or synthetic) and the color. X-Spect can even shed light on the precise nature of a stain. For laundry care with washing machines and dryers connected via Home Connect, X-Spect recommends the right wash program for every type of textile in a matter of seconds. The smart scanner also stops you putting the wrong clothes in the chosen wash program. X-Spect naturally also gives a suitable recommendation on how to dry laundered clothes appropriately.

Perfect laundry results in three steps

A woman scanning a piece of clothing with X-Spect


Hold X-Spect against the piece of clothing you wish to scan.

Analysing with the X-Spect scanner


X-Spect immediately analyses your clothes and identifies the textile type and the nature of stains.

X-Spect scanner sending data to a Home Connect washing machine


The results of the evaluation are sent to your Home Connect washing machine as the wash program.

X-Spect: Expect more than just future dreams

X-Spect supplies information to help with specific household chores: The innovative scanner provides greater certainty, simplifies and speeds up many processes. When it comes to household chores, optimum nutrition or individual health considerations, in future X-Spect will ensure that we are better informed and help us apply that knowledge on a daily basis to enhance our personal quality of life.

How X-Spect works

How does X-Spect benefit the consumer?

X-Spect uses cutting-edge sensor technology to record information on the composition and color of textiles as well as the ingredients and ripeness of food. This provides consumers with accurate information that will help them with day-to-day household chores.

What features does X-Spect offer?

X-Spect is currently still at the concept stage but the following features are already implemented:

a. Identifying a specific type of textile and its precise composition

b. Recommending a wash program for a specific type of textile

c.    Recommending a dryer program for a specific type of textile Recommending a dryer program for a specific type of textile

d. Indicating how ripe food is (fruit and vegetables)

e. Providing nutritional information (fat and sugar content) of food

f. Providing information on the contents (types of meat) of food

g. Recommending recipes in conjunction with the Home Connect app (in future also Mykie)

Does X-Spect work with multiple brands?

X-Spect is part of the Home Connect system and is equally being developed on a cross-brand basis.

Is X-Spect part of the digital ecosystem of Home Connect?

X-Spect is part of the open infrastructure of Home Connect and therefore also of the digital ecosystem.

How does X-Spect work together with Home Connect (or Mykie)?

X-Spect is part of the Home Connect system. The information on textiles or food registered and analyzed by X-Spect can be put to use directly in the connected household: For example, appropriate wash or dryer programs can be selected and started with the Home Connect app. Using voice control, you can ask Mykie for a suitable recipe for the food that you are currently being recommended to consume.

Will more functionalities/scan options become available for X-Spect over time?

X-Spect is currently still at the concept development stage, and therefore no details on this are available yet. However, expansion options are planned for X-Spect, enabling the smart scanner to learn new applications over time and make them available to the user.

How does it use the Internet connection?

X-Spect is Wi-Fi-enabled and is configured via the Home Connect app.

Appliance specifications and setting up

Does X-Spect work according to the plug and play principle, or do I need to do anything to make it work?

The development status envisages simply switching on X-Spect, configuring it via the Home Connect app and using it directly by intuitive user guidance.

How big is X-Spect and what does it weigh?

X-Spect measures 16.8 cm in length, 4.5 cm in width and 1.8 to 4 cm in depth. It weighs about 190 grams.

How long does the battery last?

In continuous use, X-Spect lasts for about 2.5 hours or 300 scans. In anticipated normal operating conditions in a household, X-Spect can be used for up to one week before it needs recharging. X-Spect has a USB port for recharging the built-in battery.

Availability of X-Spect

When will X-Spect go on sale?

X-Spect is currently still at the concept development stage, and therefore no details on this are available yet.

Where can I buy X-Spect?

X-Spect is currently still at the concept development stage, and therefore no details on this are available yet.

How much will X-Spect retail for?

X-Spect is currently still at the concept development stage, and therefore no details on this are available yet.

What kind of guarantee does X-Spect come with?

X-Spect is currently still at the concept development stage, and therefore no details on this are available yet.

Safety and data protection

Does the scanning process affect the quality of my food/textiles?

No, the scanning process has no effect on textiles or food.

What happens to user data, and where is it saved?

Data security for users and the protection of privacy are the priority. In the event of a future product launch of X-Spect, users will enjoy maximum data security.

No data will ever be saved without the explicit permission of the user. We generally use our customers’ usage data exclusively to optimise our own services and offers, and to continue enhancing the added value for the customer.

Does the optical measuring method used represent any health hazard for the user?

The scanning process is harmless for the human eye. Nor is scanned food affected in any way by X-Spect.

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