Smart Home Connect vacuum cleaner in action in a home

Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner

Intelligent, small and powerful – The Bosch Roxxter with Home Connect can be set up in various ways and can be controlled from anywhere in the world. This makes the robot a diligent assistant that vacuums the home while you can dedicate your time to the finer things in life.

Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner – functions at a glance

View of the zones that the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is allowed to clean, within the Home Connect app.

A robot vacuum cleaner that knows your home

Simple and intelligent: The robot vacuum cleaner scans its surroundings precisely and compiles its own map of your home. As well as being displayed in the Home Connect app, it can be used interactively. Using "RoomSelect", you can select and confirm individual rooms for cleaning, and with the "No-Go Zone" function you can omit areas that you do not want the Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner to clean. You can also monitor the robot vacuum cleaner’s progress in real time and check in the app which areas have already been done and how much dust has been collected in each area/room.

Modern, spick and span lounge thanks to the intelligent Home Connect vacuum cleaner

Incredibly clean – robot vacuum cleaner with the smart CornerClean function

Leaves no corner untouched: Thanks to the combination of rounded and angular elements combined with the intelligent nozzle design, the robot vacuum cleaner with Home Connect effortlessly gets into the corners of rooms and cleans very close to walls and furniture without damaging them.

A young woman out and about using the Home Connect app to monitor her smart robot vacuum cleaner at home

Maintaining an overview with the robot vacuum cleaner and Home Connect

Unobtrusive and clever: Even when you're not there, remain fully abreast of everything that is going on at home with the multifunctional robot vacuum cleaner. Because the appliance is equipped with a camera that can be shut away behind a manual cover. It can easily be activated using the Home Connect app so that even while out and about you can quickly check whether the oven is off, if you have turned off all the lights or haven’t forgotten to close the windows.

Hand holding a smartphone with Home Connect app in order to control the vacuum cleaner, creating a cleaning plan

Create your own personal cleaning plan

Want to have the hall done daily but the living room only every three days? No problem. Simply compile your very own personal cleaning plan to suit your requirements. And changing your plans is soon done: You can quickly and easily change everything via the Home Connect app or even start the robot vacuum cleaner while you're out if you find unexpected visitors are about to call round.

The Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner in action

Bosch Roxxter robot vacuum cleaner with Home Connect

The Bosch Roxxter robot vacuum cleaner with Home Connect

Intelligent, small and powerful - the robot vacuum cleaner becomes a diligent helper while you can dedicate yourself to the beautiful things in life.

Learn more in this video.

Your robot vacuum cleaner only cleans when you leave the home.

Another ingenious solution to make sure you aren’t disturbed by the robot vacuum cleaner: In conjunction with the partner service IFTTT, you can program the robot so that it only starts cleaning when your smartphone leaves the home Wi-Fi, making sure everything is done by the time you arrive home again. The open system provides scope for creating many more applications for your robot vacuum cleaner. Let your imagination run wild.

A woman is leaving her home which has a Home Connect vacuum cleaner

Home Connect – home appliance brands

Bosch Home Connect appliances in a kitchen

Smart Today. Smart Tomorrow.

Bosch is Europe's leading home appliance brand. Consumers worldwide associate the brand with efficient functionality, reliable quality and an internationally acclaimed design. The "Invented for life" guiding principle also applies in the age of digital transformation.

The Bosch Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner will be available in retail outlets from autumn 2018.

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Amazon Echo on a table in conjunction with Home Connect

Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, ask the Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner to clean the hall"

Home Connect Partner IFTTT in association with the Home Connect app


You can save time and unnecessary trips. Let your imagination run wild with IFTTT (If This Then That). Simply create your personal favourite applications based on your requirements and your household.

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Smartphone and tablet with Home Connect app

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